Ross the Boss + Dizastra @ Foufs – 27 January 2020

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Ross the Boss, metal legend and one of the creative geniuses behind the first few Manowar albums, was in town to showcase his new album Born of Fire available March 6th on AFM records and to play a set full of Manowar classics.

The show opened with local Montreal thrashers Dizastra. They warmed up the crowd with their fast-paced blackened thrash metal. The four-piece band was energetic as they thrashed around the stage. The dual guitar work pummeled the crowd with a variety of interesting, speedy and technical riffs. 

Dizastra recently released a new album “Elder Sun” available on their Bandcamp. The band played a quick but interesting set. A few standout tracks from their set were “Dead ov Night” and “Astaroth”.

After a short break, Ross the Boss and his band were ready to start. Wasting no time, they set the tone for the evening starting with one of my favourite Manowar songs “Blood of the Kings”. The gathered crowd of true metal faithful immediately showed its appreciation by singing along to every word of this classic. 

Ross the Boss and his band were flawless in their execution of a series of Manowar classics including songs like “The Oath”, “Sign of the Hammer”, “Wheels of Fire”, “Violence and Bloodshed” and “Dark Avenger”. Bassist Mike Lepond showed his technical chops performing a breathtaking bass solo. After this set of classics, the band played two new songs off their forthcoming album Born of Fire. Both songs, “Glory to the Slain” and “Denied by the Cross” fit in perfectly with the Manowar songs and was well enjoyed by the crowd.  

After those two songs, the band played most of Manowar’s classic Hail to England album. The crowd was in a frenzy singing along to classics such as Kill with Power and the title track. The set closed off with two of the most iconic Manowar songs “Battle Hymn” and “Hail and Kill” with the crowd singing along with the band. The singer Marc Lopes even noted how loud and intense the gathered crowd was.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable evening of classic metal. Thanks to Ross the Boss for coming to Montreal and to Extensive Enterprise for organizing it!

Review – Jason Maher
Photos – Mell Martella

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