Relive Igloofest with this new Video

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Right now we are all missing events and festivals but Montreal’s Igloofest has released a video to partially satisfy our need for enjoying music with several thousand friends.

However the video does come with a disclaimer:

Warning, this video may summon up lots of memories and may also induce a wave of winter Igloonostalgia.

Enjoy the full video below:

Réalisation: Adrian Villagomez & Jonathan Brisebois
Direction Photo: Jonathan Brisebois
Ingénieur de son: Dominic Remiro
Montage: Lukas Drouin (ABCDF)
Mixage sonore: Timour Vandermeulen Leng
Étalonnage: Charles-Etienne Pascal (SHED)
Archiviste: Véronique Bérubé
Photos 2021: Villedepluie

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