Portrayal of Guilt + Yautja + Yearning @ Bar Le Ritz

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Portray Of Guilt in Montreal

One of the most exciting bands in the modern screamo scene was touring in Montreal in support of their newest album “Christfucker” on Run for Cover records.

Opening up the show was Montreal’s own screamo band Yearning who released their album “MMXXII“ on No Funeral Records. They delivered a strong powerful performance as the vocalist wailed and screamed his lungs out over the chaotic emo-violence accompanying him. I was greatly impressed by Yearning and I strongly recommend you check out their album. (https://nofuneralsound.bandcamp.com/album/mmxxii)

Yautja from Tennessee were next on stage. The trio masterfully blends multiple styles of extreme music into one chaotic sludgy cacophony. They manage to pull it all off in a live setting which was very impressive. The noisy moshy riffs combined with multiple vocal lines and strange tempos were hypnotic to watch. If you are not familiar with Yautja, do yourself a favour and check them out if you like sludgy progressive metal. Their newest album on Relapse Records The Lurch is a must for fans of metal, punk and noise rock. (https://yautja.bandcamp.com/)

Portrayal of Guilt from Austin, Texas were on the road promoting their highly acclaimed “Christfucker” album. Their old-school screamo style influenced by bands like Pageninetynine and City of Caterpillar has been delivering a breath of life into the genre. They blasted their dark atmospherics at the hypnotized crowd. Despite the music being slow and moody, the crowd was moshing as they played their heavy disharmonic riffs.  Portrayal of Guilt have been one of my favourite musical discoveries in the past few years and they played an excellent set in Montreal. My favourite stand-out track of their set was “The Sixth Circle”.

Thanks to the Ritz for hosting and Blue Skies Turn Black and Extensive Enterprise for organizing.

Review & photos – Jason Maher

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