New Music Friday November 26, 2021

Shot by Andreas Jakwerth

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Great week of new music from some Montreal Rocks favourites.


HVOB asked 12 people to dance their pain away. Watch the results with their new video Bruise.


Best listened to with wild abandon while releasing whatever is bothering you.


Softcult released a beautifully atmospheric track that shows the ability to create a song that envelops you in a warm blanket of self-reflection. (Full Interview)

GENRE: Indie Alternative/Shoegaze

Best listened to while pealing the layers of past trauma, floating towards a new you.

Linn Koch-Emmery

Linn Koch-Emmery released a new video for the song Dirty Words, which doesn’t have any in the lyrics. Catchy as always. (Full Interview)

GENRE: Indie Alternative

Best listened to when you are trying to imagine a female version of New Order.

The Tea Party

The Tea Party dropped a new EP Sunshower today with some retro sounds.

Genre: Rock

Best listened to when trying to wind down from a crazy week, sinking back into the armchair of nostalgia.

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