New Music Friday May 6, 2022

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For this week’s treasure hunt, which video features an appearance by Bob Odenkirk and which has an Alexisonfire hoodie?


Jeen (Toronto) released On and On, a song about almost giving up.

Genre: Indie Rock

On and On is best listened to when you think you fell down for the last, but need just enough of a reason to get up again.


TikTok sensation and masked singer released a new single: Understand

Genre: Lo-Fi Indie

Understand is best listened to when untangling all the thoughts and emotions when you are ready to move on.


Ann@lise released an acoustic version of User Friendly which deals with toxic relationships.

Genre: Pop

User Friendly is best listened to when you are looking for the strength to break free from the shackles of the wrong person.

The Franklin Electric

Answers is the latest from The Franklin Electric who just keep releasing quality tracks.

Genre: Indie Folk

Answers is best listened to when we are tempted to take a shortcut in life.

Lydia Luce

Lydia Luce released Vow, a song about what efforts it takes to be in a successful relationship.

Genre: Americana

Vow is best listened to while navigating the murky waters of a relationship.


Influenced by the famous groupie Sable Starr, Ellevator released STAR.

Genre: Indie Alternative

STAR is best listened to when we need a break from being our best self on social media.


Sigrid (Norway) released A Driver Saved My Life about the kindness of strangers.

Genre: Pop

A Driver Saved My Night is best listened to in an Uber.

Beach Bunny

Beach Bunny released Karaoke, a song about the building blocks of a crush.

Genre: Indie Alternative

Karaoke is best listened to as your face turns red and your knees get weak…as you see the person who is triggering this response.

Marilyne Léonard

Marilyne, from the South Shore of Montreal is best known for her appearance on La Voix. Her first album already sounds pretty catchy.

Genre: Indie Pop

Quand Tu Parles Marilyne, on écoute.

Michael Rault

Michael’s latest song Exactly What I Needed almost didn’t make the cut for the album, but with a bit of fine tuning, it has become a fan favorite.

Genre: Alternative Indie

Exactly What I Needed is best listened to when you need a hit of that 70s nostalgia.

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