New Music Friday March 4th, 2022


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Sometimes life gets in the way. Here are two weeks worth of new releases curated with emerging artists and friends of Montreal Rocks in mind.

Neon Bloom

Neon Bloom released a dance worthy Bullet In Tomorrow. Funky beat and vibe.

Genre: Rock Synth Pop

Best listened to while installing a mirror dance floor for the big party.


Continuing the legacy of creating quirky and lovable songs, fanclubwallet released Gr8 Timing!

Genre: Quirkindie

Best listened to when everyone bailed on you…again…but the party goes on regardless.


While I wait for my bubble gum pink vinyl of Live Your Truth Shred Some Gnar, NOBRO released Get With U. As addictive as Mr. Puffs, NOBRO fills a craving for Rock-n-Roll.

UPDATE: Limited edition album (only 100) arrived!

Genre: Punk Rock

Best listened to while sliding around in your socks à-la-Risky Business, alone in your house.

Jack White + Q-Tip

File this one under: I wonder what that would sound like? Let us help you out in this regard.

GENRE: Funky/Rap

Best listened to when you feel like bobbing like a dashboard hula girl.

Regina Spektor

A feel-good Becoming All Alone was released by Regina Spector. When a sad song seems to transform your mood to a happy one, that’s what a little spiritual thought can do. Here’s hoping her family & friends are safe in Russia as madness reigns.

Genre: Anti-Folk

Best listened to while grabbing a Beer thinking about God.

Ocie Elliott

The masters of chill released With The Lights Down, with that perfect harmony.

Genre: Folk

Best listened to while right before you dim the lights for a little romance in the dark.

Lennon Stella

Lennon Stella redid a classic Dido song with a stripped down Thank You. As a comment said…it can turn a bad day into a good day. For that…Thank You Lennon!

Genre: Indie Pop

Best listened to when you need a little pick me up.


Retro Disco vibe and Montreal’s Big O for Digital Dreams.

Genre: Pop/Dance

Best listened to while trying on a pair of sparkly bell bottoms.

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