New Music Friday June 10, 2022

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Francesco Yates

Endorsed by Justin Timberlake & Pharrell Williams, Francisco Yates sings of the trappings of fame, as a poster of Prince spoke to his inspiration to pen “Jimi Hendrix / I love you like I love my guitar.”

Genre: Pop

Jimi is best listened to loud, while dancing in a purple haze with a foxy lady.

Celina Wolfe

Celina Wolfe plays with the two most volatile human emotions on their latest release Hate/Love.

Genre: Singer/Songwriter

Hate/Love is best listened to when we are oscillating between hate and love…not sure on which we will land.


Softcult gives us another Nirvana cover with Francis Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle.

Genre: Shoegaze

Francis Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle is best listed to imagining the voice that goes along with Kurt’s dress.


Joji compares his current relationship to his previous one, trying to infuse the same feelings of love…sometimes without success.

Genre: R&B

Glimpse of Us is best listened to when melancholy is required while thinking of the good old days.

King Princess

King Princess bottles up being silly, anxious, sad, and sexy into Too Bad

Genre: Indie Pop

Too Bad is best listened to when trying to juggle the multiple personalities we all have.

Beach Bunny

Beach Bunny mashes Sci-Fi classics with Entropy, part II of their journey in space.

Genre: Alternative Indie

Entropy is best listened to while letting your inner Princess Leah out.


Sounding like the wonderful early days of Metric, yet with a modern style. “It’s the 90s” Emily shares at the end of the clip.

Genre: Alternative Pop

What Feels Like Eternity is best listened to while wearing some retro Air Jordans.


FKJ’s new track brings some fresh sounds for the summer.

Genre: Electronic

Let’s Live is so chill, it’s best listened to when your A/C is on the fritz.


Melotika sings about living in the present moment while undergoing feelings of uncertainly.

Genre: Pop

#1 is best listened to when you feel you are slipping in your own charts.

Monster Truck

Monster Truck released an homage to Jon Harvey’s real life Golden Woman, created while noodling on a kid’s guitar.

Genre: Ass Kicking Rock

Golden Woman is best listened to as you romance your woman by doing donuts on the lawn in your pick-up.

The Sadies

With the tragic passing of Dallas Good, it’s great to hear some new music that keeps his memory alive.

Genre: Alternative Country

All The Good is best listened to as we raise a glass to all the Good music.

Check out some of this week’s album releases in the video below:

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