New Music Friday January 7th, 2022

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It’s a new year. Did you resolve to listen to new music and expand your horizons?


Mercedes & Phoenix are back with an important message about “gaslighting” hidden behind a dreamy sound, and soothing harmony. Perfect Blue was my choice for best song of 2021. Gaslight is now in the running for 2022.

GENRE: Twingaze

Best listened to while preparing to break free from a toxic relationship.

Allegra Jordyn

Allegra’s most requested song is also her most depressing one: Waiting in the Hallway. After 4 years of holding on to it, it is now to exit the hallway and open a door to your heart.

GENRE: Singer/Songwriter POP

Best listened to while thinking of the one that got away.


AURORA released A Dangerous Thing, another song about abusive relationships.

GENRE: Nordic Folk

Best listened to while sipping tea pondering your relationship exit strategy.

MTelus May 31, 2022: Tickets

Yard Act

Yard Act released their new album today The Overload. Listen to the title track.

GENRE: Post Pub Punk

Best listened to while eavesdropping at the pub.

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