New Music Friday January 14, 2022

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Geneviève Racette (Photo: Éva-Maude TC)

Get ready for a mellow Friday with this selected batch of New Music Friday Releases.

Geneviève Racette (feat. Dallas Green)

Geneviève Racette & Dallas Green, two voices that go together like Mac & Cheese, released Someone, her most vulnerable song to date which speaks to the highs and lows of being in love.

GENRE: Singer/Songwriter, Folk

Best listened to while making a mental checklist of your past and current relationships.

The Staves

Goosebump inducing sisters The Staves released Careful, Kid (Be Kind Version) which features the vocal harmonies that produce said goosebumps.

Genre: Singer/Songwriter, Folk

Best listened to in a candlelit room, sipping a pint of Guinness.

Peter Vance

Peter Vance (Newfoundland) released Breaking Chains, an 80s infused Pop song about the aftermath of a relashionship, dissecting the emotions, mistakes and lessons learned.

Genre: Pop

Best listened to right after ripping the band-aid off a relationship.


HVOB released 2:16 today that slowly builds and takes you a mental flight to distant lands.


Best listened to while wanting to take a trip without leaving your home.

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