New Music Friday February 4th, 2022

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What an exciting week for new music from some of the friends of Montreal Rocks.

A common thread in the releases this week are about the power of introspection, and breaking free to become a better, stronger person.

Skye Wallace

Skye released Truth Be Told, an exercise of self-reflection and eventually acceptance that change is inevitable, and especially welcomed when positive.

GENRE: Indie Rock, Punk Rock

Best listened to as you sip champagne, celebrating who you have become, the Phoenix rising from the ashes.


Another brilliantly crafted offering from the Monowhales, who are slowly taking control of the airwaves. CTRL^^^, an ode to independence and breaking free.

Genre: Alt Rock

Best listened to repeatedly as you take inventory of your life, and decide something needs to change.


Another impressive release from Softcult with Uzumaki, about the scars that abuse leaves behind. The songs from their new EP “Year of the Snake” (released today) are as catchy as Omicron.

Genre: Shoegaze

Best listened to while running away from a toxic relationship, for the last time.

Bud Rice

Bud Rice released a song that is a natural evolution of his sound: All The Same Thing. An introspective look at what makes you popular, but will not necessarily make you happy.

Genre: Indie-Rock

Best listened to while gathering up the courage to listen to your instinct and not follow the masses, artistically.

Lucy Dacus

Nostalgia filled Kissing Lessons is the latest from indie darling Lucy Dacus, helping us remember all the awkwardness of youth.

Genre: Indie Rock/Folk

Best listened to on a nostalgia trip, looking at old photographs from our youth.

The Royal Foundry

The Royal Foundry released Hello Dreamer Baby, written while on a road trip. It’s about not putting off what you really want to do.

Genre: Electro Alt-Pop

Best listened to as you start your dream adventure road trip.


HVOB keep teasing the new album with yet another release, Eyes Alive. Another slow buildup in intensity, their signature move they do so well.

Genre: EDM

Best listened to in the dark, dancing while no one is watching.

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