New Music Friday February 11, 2022

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Here are some new tracks to listen to, and share. We have legends VOIVOD who released a new album, a great cover of a Hole song, a dreamy Helena Deland, experimental Matt Hulobowski, upbeat Ellevator, and a little country flair from Pretty Archie.


Quebec legends VOIVOD released their new album Synchro Anarchy today, and Sleeves Off video to kick it all off.

GENRE: Progressive Metal

Best listened to when when doing your metal workout: 10 reps of head bangs.

Doja Cat

Yes, it’s an odd choice…but then again…a cover of Celebrity Skin…aren’t you curious?

GENRE: Punk Rock for once

Best listened to when trashing your bedroom.

Helena Deland

Inspired by her mother’s fight against a terminal illness, Helena makes us question how we use the time we have left, with out family and our planet.

GENRE: Indie Folk, Art Pop

Best listened to when going through old photographs of someone we lost.

Matt Holubowski

Matt fell onto this song, literally, after taking a hard fall while walking around his Banff cottage as the lyrics of Ben Howard rang in his headphones: “I know I’m a hard rock to drag around.”


Best listened to as you walk to frozen landscapes thinking about our faults.


Based on Scottish mythology about a Selkie, a seal/woman, Ellevator continue to prove why they deserve a listen, and support during their upcoming tour, which includes a stop in Montreal at Bar Le Ritz on May 19th, 2022.

Genre: Alternative Indie

Best listened to while gathering the courage to break up.

Pretty Archie

Pretty Archie wear their Cape Breton heart on their sleeves. Familiar Feeling also has a somewhat mythical creature, the Coywolves, which reminds us of the ups and downs of a long term relationship.

Genre: Americana, Folk

Best listened to, kicking off your boots after a long walk to cool your horses before apologizing to the one you love.

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