Montreal’s ROBERT ROBERT announces new album Silicone Villeray

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Montreal producer and DJ Robert Robert, born Arthur Robert, is already a familiar name and face to local partygoers and electronic music fans.

Today he announces the release of “Silicone Villeray”, a powerful new album in French, to be released on May 28 with the Chivi Chivi family. The album is a succession of strong pieces co-produced by Hubert Lenoir. “Silicone Villeray” is now available for pre-order on platforms and in vinyl format on Bandcamp.

After 10 years of making people dance, Robert Robert has a lot of stories to tell. Dedicated to the school of life, he’s never done anything but music, moving from Garageband to his friends’ home studios, from abandoned warehouse raves to international festivals. His many encounters inspire and encourage him to write in his mother tongue. It is at home, in the heart of the Villeray district in Montreal, that he composes his new songs that make up the album.

“Silicone Villeray” is an album of 11 songs, halfway between confession and fortune cookie. Robert Robert’s lyrics are inspired by his life and those of his friends. It was co-produced between Montreal and Quebec with Hubert Lenoir, Benoît Parent, Félix Petit, CRi, Marius Larue and Richard Addison.

The album will be released on May 28 on the Chivi Chivi label.

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