Montreal Female Artists Band Together In Support of Their Vulnerable Sisters

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I recently had a great chat with Montréal musician Naghmeh Shafiei (Naghmeh and the Southern Shores) who I met a few years ago during the magical era of live music.  

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since the pandemic hit us but here we are in March.  

Along with warmer weather and the hopes of lifted quarantine restrictions, March is also Women’s History Month

Naghmeh reached out to Montreal Rocks to help promote a cause that is very close to her heart. And I agreed that it is a cause that should be important to all of us, especially now.

“For the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a perfect storm for women in difficulty.

The confinement has forced these women to stay at home in a hostile environment, the shelters that accommodate them have had to close places to adapt to health directives and the workers who are on the front line are exhausted.”
(YWCA Montreal president and executive director Melanie Thivierge).

She told me with great enthusiasm “pandemic be damned” that she will continue to find a way to draw awareness to help women succeed.

In 2019, she helped organize a benefit concert after her bandmate Don told her about Logifem.  He had been volunteering there and suggested that the band put on a show to help raise funds.

Logifem is an organization that has been providing shelter and care for women and children since 1988.  Its mission is to help heal and empower vulnerable women by offering accommodations and support.

 Last year she had to cancel the event yet still managed to raise $1000 live streaming in her own living room. 

So this year she’s back and she’s ready to continue the tradition.  There are almost 30 female Montreal artists, who are joining forces for this weeklong fundraising event of individual, virtual performances.

 Femmes Pour Logifem – Vol III 

This year’s lineup includes some of Montreal’s finest female musicians, donating their time and talent to help raise awareness and money for Logifem. The lineup includes local superstars such as Lee-la Baum (the Damn Truth), Andria Piperni, Ali Overing (The Leanover, Fer Sher), Lea Keeley, Avery Jane, Marie Hamilton, and many more. 

Organized in close collaboration with Logifem, this event will kick off on Sunday, March 21, and will go on until Saturday, March 27. Every night at 8 p.m., the audience will be treated to an evening of music by local female artists. The fundraiser will be open for the entire month of March.

Please donate anything you can every little bit helps.

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