La Force + Murray A Lightburn @ Phi Centre – 21st September 2018

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La Force Montreal

To my handful of readers, this is my first review and only second concert. Please be gentle.

It was a small room, not enough for a massive reception. Only those that mattered could be there. A small group of fans ready to be a part of their Montreal debut.

La Force Montreal Phi

The majority must’ve been strangers to one another and yet here they stood assembled, ready to be carried away by the vocalist talented enough to deserve their Friday night. Frankly, I was excited to be where they were and I wanted them to be right.

We first made the acquaintance of Murray A Lightburn. Just a man and his guitar. The theme of the night was “solo going talent.”

He announces the very recent completion of the album “Hear me out” and gives us a taste. It wasn’t long before his writing style grabs your attention. Honest and descriptive, lyrics of a pensive man.

Some of my favourites:

“Everybody has had their fun with me.”

“I’m tired of saying things that don’t add up.”

As his time went on, his confidence seemed to grow as did the size of his audience.

It’s needless to say Lightburn successfully charmed the audience and reached their softer side. Why else would the man in front of me be cupping his girlfriend’s bottom?

He left the audience with much to talk about during the intermission.

La Force Montreal Phi Centre

A little further into the night we say hello to La Force and her merry bandmates. While all she’s done is talk, I will admit to immediately liking her. She starts us off with “The Tide” the first track to her self-titular album.

La Force Montreal Photos

She has brought in a diverse group of people. Not more female than male. Across the floor, crocs, combat boots and high heels were gathered and stood as one, all listening intently. Mostly due to the on-stage talent, partly because the talent told them to hush.

The turning point (when I decided to buy the vinyl) was the track “Mama Papa.” It felt as though we were out lost on the water and she was our lifeline, guiding us. In her dancing and her words, she was her own.

La Force Montreal Phi Center

The crew kept it interesting for us. Bongos, opera singing and a special guest. The show was not a slew of sad love songs.

We met husband Andrew Whiteman in the closing number, where they played off of their effortless chemistry. He strapped on his guitar and partook in the melody. When all he had to do was strum, he couldn’t help but mouth the words. In that instance, he was a compliment to her and she shined.

La Force Montreal Phi Centre review

They gave us an encore and shared from the Aurora project, a collaboration from the couple onstage. No one left the room, need I say more?

La Force Montreal Phi Centre photos

Review – Addis Tulu
Photos – Arianne Bergeron

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