King Princess + Will Charmer @ Corona Theatre – 24th May 2019

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Montreal has been looking forward to the Pussy Is God tour since it was announced in November 2018. We had patiently waited for the January date to come, anticipation building rapidly as each show quickly sold out. Unfortunately, the date was forcibly pushed to May due to an ice storm that stopped King Princess’ travels.

She had promised Montreal an unforgettable show, and she sure as hell kept her word.


To spark fire into Corona’s attitude, drag king Will Charmer performed an amazing lip sync piece. Their character starts off as a mildly insane scientist, making different coloured mixtures as they danced and serenaded the crowd.

After drinking a green liquid, the shows story changed, and Will’s character stripped off their scientist outfit to reveal a showman’s suit. And from then on, the performance was lively and charismatic. Will Charmer did just as their name suggests, and had Corona’s hear in the palm of their hand.


Being greeted by Corona’s full capacity screaming and chanting “KP” over and over again, Mikaela Straus, known as King Princess wandered onto stage, wasting no time to start up her unreleased song “Useless Phrases.”

Her setlist consisted almost completely of songs off an album that she’s yet to release. That made me nervous about the show. But seeing

King Princess live was like a dream come true, despite the fact that everyone in the venue knew only four songs off the setlist.

She described her new album as “mad as fuck” and admitted she’s been feeling that way for a while. And proved her new musical attitude when performing tracks like “Cheap Queen” and “Trust Nobody.” Everybody danced along with her, some people singing along to these brand new lyrics, probably due to videos of her live performances being on YouTube.

It was really entertaining to see how much power Mikaela had over the room. Just one cheeky smile or a hand through her hair earned actual screams from the crowd, and they hung off of every word that she said. It’s clear as day that everyone is in love with her.

Her set continued on, and she played familiar tracks off her EP “Make my Bed.” Corona fed off her vibe throughout the whole night, dancing with arms held high, singing as passionately as possible, and overall living without a care in the world.

Her hour long set felt extremely short, and she wrapped the night up with an emotional performance of “Talia.” The minute the lights went off and the stage was cleared, Corona was filled with screeches, encouraging King Princess to bring herself and her band back on stage for a few moments longer. Corona got it’s wish granted, and she performed two more unreleased songs as her encore. A bold move, but it worked with ease. As mentioned earlier, the idea of hearing unreleased songs all night made me nervous, but I changed my mind extremely quickly. Montreal welcomed King Princess and her artistic vision with open arms and spent a lovely night feeling free and confident together.

Review – ‎Jamie Siddall‎

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