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Montreal’s Yves Jarvis has released his new song “Victim” and it’s the prefect song to chill out to on a summer’s day. The track is “a tightrope walk between victor and victim,” Jarvis explains. “Victim” is Jarvis’s first new music in 2020, following the release of his March 2019 album The Same But By Different Means.

Check it out below:

Yves Jarvis is a clean slate, a recasting of Montreal-based musician Jean-Sebastian Audet who formerly went by the moniker Un Blonde. Each aspect of Audet’s work is immensely personal, and Yves Jarvis reflects this literally. Yves is Audet’s middle name, while Jarvis is his mother’s last name.

Audet continues to create music that is at once warm, haunting, and unfamiliar while remaining singularly inviting and kind—a mélange that reflects both comfort and its counterpart. Audet’s 2017 debut LP Good Will Come To You was released under his previous moniker Un Blonde and celebrated universally for those things that make Audet’s work compelling: careful folk noir, tender R&B flourishes, pillowy vocal beds that somehow seem to neither begin nor end, and a punkish ambivalence towards saccharine melodics that traditionally dominate the previous three structures.

Included on the 2019 Polaris Prize Long List, The Same But By Different Means builds a delightful, imaginative framework from which to explore what it means to be Yves Jarvis. The album “doesn’t so much move from song to song as it pulses in place … the music flows and swirls and bubbles with the same mellow mood, with melodies and rhythms rising up and sliding back down into the warm eddies,” said Bandcamp. Jarvis personally played all 10+ instruments that are heard on the album, with songs ranging from 14 seconds long to over eight minutes.

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