Introducing… Montreal-based instrumental, shoegaze artist REPO

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REPO is the solo, experimental side project of Montreal musician Richard Bunze, who is also bassist in cosmic krautrock band, Room Control and the guitarist in new wave rock outfit, The Ember Glows. The project’s music consists of guitars, bass and minimalist synth drones to create widescreen cinematic soundscapes.

Debut EP “The Lines In Between” is composed of songs written, arranged and performed by Bunze. It was recorded and mixed by Tom Jarvis (Pachyderm / Hey Majesty / Voyeur) at CCTV Studios in Montreal and mastered by Shane Watt at Marsonic Studios in Montreal, QC.

“REPO is a project I’m happy to finally get off the ground with the release of this EP, as it sat on the sidelines for the last year or two, due to my involvement with my other bands; Room Control, and the newly formed The Ember Glows,” says Bunze. “But with all that’s going on in the world these days, I think now is the time to get some new music out there that can hopefully elevate some spirits.”

The first video is for the song ‘Polar Ghosts’. “Originally, the music for this song conjured up imagery in my head of a majestic polar bear in its natural environment and the sad reality that one day they may be gone due to the fact that their populations are drastically diminishing due to global warming. I communicated this idea to videographer Guillaume Vallée, who did a brilliant job creating an almost dream-like visual state that goes so well with the music.”

“For this video, I used a very short amount of found footage of a polar bear walking,” says videographer Guillaume Vallée. “I wanted to reduce the image quality and create some sort of psychedelic ghostly images with it through video feedback and colourization. The song was very inspiring and for me, was a dreamy and deep visual soundscape experience that I wanted to bring into images.”

The song ‘Polar Ghosts’ was featured as part of the “Northern Noise Vol.1” compilation, released in 2019 by Montreal independent Shoegaze/Post-Punk label Velouria Recordz.

Credit: Jean-Sebastien Vaillancourt
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