Interview: Mauve Shinning Like Gold

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If you ask a graphics design about Mauve…they will probably come back with #E0B0FF.  

Ask a music lover, and they will point out that Mauve has over 1 million streams on Spotify.

With a growing fanbase and a new single out, Montreal Rocks spoke with Mauve about her origin story, happy creative accidents, heartbreak, self-image and Shinning Gold (new video).

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Origin Story

Mauve grew up surrounded by music.

“My dad is a big music listener.  He would always listen to Oldies like 50s and 60s, The Beatles & Elvis, singing along with them.  Him being so passionate and into music made me want to sing along to songs in the car as well.”

Her dad may have provided the spark, but the fire would be lit when she would go downtown with her mom to watch musicals.

She would watch in awe the singers and dancers perform on stage.  

“I was really shy and quiet as a kid, so that sparked something in me about wanting to be on stage and perform for people.  It was my first awakening into the world of music & the possibilities of what I can create.”

Theatre Experience

Mauve eventually was in theatre, and it taught her a valuable lesson.

“It thought me about expressing fully and leaving it out there on stage.  You can’t overdo something.  The more you show and express, the better.  If you see someone on stage, standing still, not showing emotion, it’s hard for the audience to connect with that.  It taught me to connect and engage with an audience.”

That is definitely a skill that will see an artist like Mauve gain bigger and bigger stages, and audiences.

Toronto Music Scene

Mauve’s first concert was Shania Twain in Hamilton.  Being a huge fan, she knew every single song.

“I was a great concert experience as a little 8-year-old.” 

Mauve next spent quite some time seeing bands at local venue, like Sneaky Dees, a place where she loved “the vibe and energy.”  

She soaked in the variety of style from Toronto and eventually was able to be on the very stage of Sneaky Dees, where she saw so many bands perform.

When she faced the crowd, a rush of emotions entered her.

“Gratefulness at the path I was taking that led me to that.  To be the one performing for people…it was unreal to be in that environment.”  


Mauve, the color, invokes feelings of romance, nostalgia, and sentimentality.  

“What I write has a lot of feeling to it, whether it’s something I’ve personally gone through or if I was inspired by someone else’s story.  Mauve also has a certain softness to it, like one should approach life with not having to go so extreme but have grace and softness.”

In 1856, William Perkin accidentally created a mass-produced dye that was the color Mauve.

Has Mauve created something by accident?

Creative Accidents

Sometimes, songs are created by accident. 

“I might be in line at the grocery store and a random melody would pop into my head.  I record it on my phone in the car.  A couple of weeks later, when I’m in a writing mood, I listen back to those voice notes and string together those recordings to form a song.”

Like LEGOS, Mauve will grasp at random musical block and build upon that foundation till a song is produced “piece by piece.”

Love vs Heartache

At first, Mauve wrote about love, but recently, she has had to tackle heartache.  

“I feel so connected to music that being able to just sing those melodies and write those lyrics at the piano really helped me heal through a particular situation that I’m going through.   The more I sing the song to myself, the more the situation becomes real to me.  I’m able to accept it and go through the stages of healing through it.”

This allows her to grow as a person.

Honestly, isn’t in the moments of heartbreak that we reach out to songs to heal our broken heart?

We seek that song that can put into words the emotions we are feeling.

If those emotions are real.  If they are raw…we connect with the artist or band who wrote them.


“There have been so many kind comments on my music.”  

What really makes Mauve smile are people from even the other side of the world making dances to her songs on TikTok.  

“That puts such a smile on my face.” 

Shinning Gold

The latest single, Shinning Gold, deals with self-image.

“We can be so caught up with scrolling on social media that we become trapped in this bubble where we are constantly comparing our looks with people.  We might forget that what we are seeing is a highlight reel and not the entire picture of their life.”

It reminds me of Fool’s Gold.  Something shiny, but without any value. 

“It’s important to take a step back and remember that.  Focus on your own aspirations, and what you value most about yourself.”

Let’s pause here for a moment.  What do you value most about yourself? 

What a profound question to ask!  

I believe everyone has a superpower. 

The funny thing is, our natural talent often comes without any effort so we don’t give it any value.

Yet that effortless superpower is Kryptonite for others.  

What Mauve is asking of us is to find that superpower and pick it up.  Examine it.  Polish it…and it will become like Shining Gold.

“Everyone needs to know that all of our bodies are different, and we are not going to look the same at every hour of the day.”  

That influencer might have taken hundreds of photos, Mauve relates, but they choose this one.  

Mauve’s advice is: “Everyone has their own insecurities they are dealing with, and not to think that person’s life is perfect.”

As she sings in Solid Gold: “Darling don’t try to fit the mold.”

Finding Your Flow

Shinning Gold also says “gotta find your flow.”

“Find that small thing that make you happy throughout the day.  Don’t try to copy what other people are doing.  Walk to the beat of your own drum.  Find those inner passions that truly make you happy.”


One way Mauve gets into flow is painting.

“I like more the abstract style where you can just throw a bunch of colors on there.  When you look back, you see how it all comes together.  I like leaving it up for interpretation.”

Like in her music, Mauve will inject passion into her songs and paintings, letting the listener or viewer come up with their own narrative for the piece.

First Instagram Post

“I was in Florence Italy on a trip with my family.  We were at a bar and the bartender did this really cool trick where he had all these little glasses set up on the bigger glasses.”

After a domino of shots being infused into the main glass, “we just grabbed a glass and cheers!”

Obviously, a fun night was had by all.


Mauve was able to transform from a shy and quiet kid into an artist that gives it her all in performances and videos.

Mauve was exposed to so many different styles, so she takes all these ingredients and creates her own unique sound into her POP anthems.   

She can relate to love, but also heartbreak and uses the songs as a healing process on her journey.

Mauve asks all of us to find what makes us shine.  For Mauve, music is obviously the answer.

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Writer: Randal Wark is a Professional Speaker and MasterMind Facilitator with a passion for live music.  You can follow him on InstagramTwitter and YouTube. His Podcast RockStar Today helps musicians quit their day jobs with out-of-the-box advice from Ted Talk Speakers, Best Selling Authors and other interesting Entrepreneurs and Creatives. He created the Rock Star Today MasterMind Experience for musicians. Randal also is a collector of signed vinyl.

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