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Birds from Paradise

Following the successful release of ‘The World Is Your Oyster’ off their debut album, Montreal folk trio Birds From Paradise have released the second track ‘The Ride’. The song is filled with elegance and grace featuring ukulele, acoustic guitar and the delicate harmonies of their three voices melding together. Birds From Paradise wanted to recreate how they sound live in a track that brings them back to their roots.

Written in between performance sets during a graduation at their university, ‘The Ride’ talks about a love that is uncertain at first because of life being busy and how hard it is to make it work when you share different realities. Through the lyrics “The rain’s pouring on my head again and I don’t know to what end, I have always loved the sound it makes but when you’re gone it’s hard to tell” they talk about how we love rain and how we find it beautiful, happy, calm and comforting, but sometimes it refers to a sadder place and can be depressing; as in when your love is gone.

“As the song evolves, it becomes a promise, a question and a hope that everything’s going to be fine and will work out,” said Birds from Paradise. “The Ride is travelling through difficulties and beauties of life and still being together, looking back and thinking how to love each other as much, and maybe even more, after all these years”.

Listen to The Ride below:

Influenced by artists such as Simon & Garfunkel, Kacey Musgraves and Angus and Julia Stone, they are releasing their first album entitled ‘Birds’ next month.

The three young women met during their graduate scholarship in pop music and quickly realized that their voices would blend in perfect harmony.

Following their participation in various competitions, they created their first original compositions. These songs highlight their personalities and are focusing on freedom, love and friendship. Through these competitions, the Birds met Daniel Lepage from Studios Opus who produced and helped them throughout the album’s recording.

Birds From Paradise
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