Ghostemane + Parv0 + 3Teeth @ MTelus – 9th November 2019

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Ghostemane at MTelus in Montreal


Ghostmane continues his HIADICA tour with a visit to MTELUS, offering the crowd a striking experience. I have been to the venue more times than I can count but have never seen so many people turn the f*** up. This was the most loyal crowd I have ever witnessed, and it was nothing short of extraordinary. 



This was my first time watching 3Teeth perform live and I was really impressed. They began their set with dark red hues and sounds of loud sirens. The drummer set the pace and the suspense kept on rising. The band came out with so much energy, and you could tell that they were excited to be here. After playing their first song, 3Teeth frontman Alexis Mincolla shouted: “Whatever day of the week, you guys kill it in Montreal”. As a proud Montrealer, I was honored to hear such words. 

The band’s music was catchy. It was the perfect dose of Industrial Metal that I needed. And the crowd was loving it too. Everyone was headbanging in complete synchrony. The whole experience gave off a nostalgic vibe and felt like a Marilyn Manson show.



Next up was Parv0’s epic DJ set; a great warm-up to Ghostemane’s appearance. Parv0’s sense of humour got the crowd giggling in excitement as he yelled “Bonjour Mother F***ers!” upon jumping on stage. He blasted many Metal bangers such as Slipknot’s Duality & Korn’s Freak On a Leash. He then preceded to strategically mix in some Dubstep drops followed by some viral trap bangers such as A$ap Ferg’s Shabba. The crowd was seriously starting to get pumped at this point, and the fans did not shy away from crowd surfing. 


Ghostemane returns to Montreal for another show, but this time with a much larger audience. The artist is considered to be genre-fluid meaning that he does not necessarily fit into one music category. The best description of his sound is an integration of both Metal & Hip-Hop elements with a dark psychedelic twist. The artist is often mentioned with other interesting acts such as Pouya and $uicideBoy$ because of their collaborative efforts. This kept my expectations high and I must say, he did live up to the hype.

The level of aggression of his live sound blew the crowd away. Not only did the performance feel raw and natural, but also the artist showed up on stage with his electric guitar. He wasn’t on there alone either. In fact, he had a whole band with him, including a drummer and a bassist, which I did not expect after giving his tracks a thorough listen! The band members had gruesome makeup and masks on. During the performance, they were hanging around like zombies at each end of the stage while strumming their instruments. Their stage presence felt like an invitation to some sort of evil cult. When it came to the music, the combination of Hip-Hop and Metal in a single act was baffling. Ghostmane would start growling into the mic but would then smoothly transition into rapping over a Hip-Hop beat. If you’re wondering if he does this within the same song, the answer is yes! That is the experimental nature of Ghostmane’s signature sound.

Here’s a visual representation of what happened that night: the minute the artist set foot on stage, mosh pits began to form. It seemed almost ritualistic. That’s when I knew I was in for a crazy ride. The crowd was going insane, and that’s an understatement. Every single fan across the entire venue was jumping to Ghostemane’s bars. MTELUS was shaking and surprisingly, the venue survived such a crowd. 

The band performed the entire HUMAN ERR0R EP from start to end. The cheers got louder and the mosh pits wider. At some point, I was crushed up against the wall of the venue. Halfway through the night, Ghostemane grabbed the mic and told the crowd that he was going to play a softer song. After that song ended, he told his fans that it was “time to beat each other up again!”. 

Just as things could not get any more intense, the performer asked the crowd to go as hard as they could on the next track. The crowd began to divide at the center of the site to form a huge Wall of Death. When the track dropped, everyone ran into each other without an ounce of fear in their veins. I have never seen a more loyal fan base. 

All of a sudden, the band left the stage. Bu the fans were simply not having it. They cheered for a solid 15 minutes until Ghostemane came back on stage with two of his biggest hits: 1000 Rounds and Mercury: Retrograde.

The band left the stage for a second and final time. The crowd was faced with a loud static sound while the band’s artwork was being displayed on screen. It felt almost like a demonic possession. The outro experience was extremely psychedelic and it lasted for so long. I kept wondering if they would come back out and play a second encore. Alas, the night was over.

On my way out of the venue, I stuck around the entrance for a little while and what I saw shocked me. The Ghostemane fans were playing Mercury: Retrograde on their mini JBL speakers right after the show. Like I said, most loyal fan base I have ever seen. It was an entertaining night packed with lots of energy and fun. Nothing can compare.

Review – Christopher Otaki
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Photos – Ramy Elhoufy

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