Doja Cat + Pell + Ebhoni @ Le Belmont – October 9th 2018

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Doja Cat Montreal Belmont

I had been looking forward to this show since Doja Cat announced her tour dates. I knew I couldn’t miss my chance to see her in such an intimate venue.


The mood, when we walked into Le Belmont, was extremely enjoyable. People were dancing along to the enchanting flows that Ebhoni, the first opener, had to offer. Her kickass DJ kept everyone’s energy high, while Ebhoni earned the crowds cheers with her vocals and rhythmic dance moves.


Even once the first openers set was done, upbeat music kept everyone moving and singing. Not even for a second did the energy of the room go down. And things got cranked up another notch when the second opener, Pell, introduced himself while taking the platform.

He was quite a character on stage. Showing off how well he can stay on beat while he raps faster and faster. He encouraged us to dance with him and taught us lyrics to chant once he qued us in.

It’s quite rare that I see an opener that really grabs everyone’s attention, giving off the impression that we’re all there to see them perform, and not the headliner. Pell easily took the crowd by the hand, and lead us through his songs that were so unfamiliar to us all.


Not long after Pell had ended his set, a chant had started. Everyone started screaming “Doja”, getting louder and faster as the anticipation for the up and coming R&B artist to take her place on stage.

The room didn’t get quieter when Doja Cat showed up, and the crowd certainly did not die down when “Roll With Us” started playing. This woman had an amazing stage presence. And Montreal let her know that they’re insanely in love with her. She returned the love, however, by reaching out her hands to touch as many fans as possible, leaning down to sing into peoples cameras, and performing everyone’s favourite songs.

Doja moved on to a few more songs that no one could stop moving to, and even performed an unreleased song for us, promising it’s release to be soon. Of course, everyone went nuts when she performed “Candy”. One of the guys nearby ripped his shirt off and she signed his chest. The whole night, Doja Cat did not stop dancing and partying with the crowd. You could tell she was having the time of her life.

Once her set was over, she skedaddled off stage. Instant cheering and chanting from the crowd for an encore. Finally, her MC took the mic and asked the crowd; “Who here can do the moo challenge?” then brought up two girls to the stage. She then told them the one rule to the challenge. Dance to “Old MacDonald Had a Farm.”

It was extremely fun to see the two girls struggle at first, but then quickly catch on and start hitting every beat of the song. Then “Moo” was played, and Doja Cat made her way on stage again. She and the two girls danced together on stage while the crowd sang every lyric.

Doja Cat is an extremely lively and carefree artist, which is clearly seen while she performs. I couldn’t have picked a better show for my first time at Le Belmont.

Review – Jamie Siddall

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