Corey Taylor/Lamb Of God-endorsed Code Orange hit Montreal this weekend

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When Pittsburgh metallic hardcore band Code Orange first started out 9 years ago they were called Code Orange Kids because that’s precisely what they were – kids. In 2017 they have dropped the “Kids” and are winning over fans from some of metal’s biggest names.

Upon hearing the band’s latest release, Forever, Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor wrote on Twitter “Holy. Fucking. Shit. This is incredible. @codeorangetoth well fucking done. NEW FAN. #buythisalbum”.

Later, Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe wrote this about the band…. “It’s been a while since I’ve cranked a record by younger heavy band, then immediately played it again, & then again. Pittsburgh’s @codeorangetoth latest album, “Forever”, is that record though- someone call the brutality police, because this album CRUSHES. It’s FUCKING UGLY, & they mined a lot of different influences- hardcore, metal, industrial, noise- & made their own sound. The production is big without sounding over-polished- the drums sound like REAL DRUMS that an actual HUMAN is HITTING, THANK GOD. They also came up the right way, paying their dues just like my band & most of my friends bands did- playing the DIY spaces. Kids don’t seem to want to do that these days- I blame American Idol. These young cats paid dues- I respect that. Salute to the young bloods doing it RIGHT.”

This week Montrealers will get the chance to see what’s getting so many people so excited when Code Orange play La Sala Rossa on Sunday 3rd September. Support comes from Eternal Sleep, Jesus Piece and Trail Of Lies.

Tickets are priced just $20 advance ($22 on the door) and are available via Extensive Enterprise HERE. If you’re a fan of ultra-heavy music you won’t wanna miss this one!

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