Chick Corea @ Montreal Symphony House – 16th October 2019

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Chick Corea

Chick Corea, Christian McBride and Brian Blade stopped by La Maison Symphonique after a brief 3-year absence in the city, this time as part of their latest album release aptly titled Trilogy 2. This power trio has become more amalgamated since the massive 3-CD Trilogy album back in 2013.

You might be tempted to completely reject a piano trio due to their use and abuse in movies, bars, hotel lounges and the occasional metro station. But this one has the peculiarity of having on one stage three incredible musicians who make each musical piece their own, weaving each time around a basic composition via improvisations and virtuosity. 

The compositions played that night ranged from Corea’s own music and compositions by other great musicians such as Bill Evans, Thelonious Monk and Domenico Scarlatti. Each piece taken and adapted by the trio and made unique right at the moment just for us. No one night of this tour is going to be the same even if the same songs are played again.

From the start Chick Corea made us feel at ease with his upbeat character, his humour and his willingness to share his music with us as intimately as possible. With carefully chosen jazz standards and classical pieces, the trio made their own skills shine without dwelling in a continuous musical peacock show off. Their interactions were organic and you could almost hear how their brains were working together to form beautiful pieces that wowed us constantly.

All in all, it was a night where the air was dense with lots of musical details, refined by their seemingly effortless instrumental conversations and wrapped in constant laughs in between songs and a sense of closeness with the geniuses on stage. 

Review – Ricardo D Flores

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