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Montreal band, The Moonlight Club have unveiled new song, Mysterious Man, a song that further affirms the group’s modern and vintage musical influences. Even the choice of instruments blends the novel and the mature: an old 12-string guitar, a harmonica, a century-old piano and a dusty organ.

The song’s lyrics encourage introspection and invite the listener to regain control over those thoughts that can sometimes fly over our heads. “Mysterious Man” marks the band’s evolution from trio to quartet, with the recent addition of Daniel Marcella on piano and offers a taste of their forthcoming EP Emerald, a candid love letter to a Montreal summer.

The music video for “Mysterious Man” is set under Montreal’s summer sun. Filmed this spring with distancing measures in place, it follows the band and a young woman on a bike wandering through the city’s deserted streets. A visual mirror effect as well as several passages edited to run in reverse reinforce the duality between the present and the past.

Watch the video below:

Emerald was recorded with producer Peter Van Uytfanck (Jimmy Hunt, Milk & Bone, Alex Nevsky) at the new Tous Les Jours / Penny Lane Studio.


  • John Pankert (bass, vocals, harmonica, guitar)
  • François Royer Mireault (guitar, voice)
  • Francois Rousseau (percussion and drums)
  • Daniel Marcella (piano)

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