Check out the mesmerising new video from Montreal artist OCÉANE

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OCÉANE is a Montreal based artist making atmospheric dark pop featuring powerful moody production and soulful airy vocals.

Her world is inspired by feminine strength and queen-like figures. She refers to the embodiment of these inspirations as a metaphorical symbol of the beauty and majestic power we inherently have within each of us.

OCÉANE’s new video for the song The Best Thing is a dream-like clip co-produced and directed by Damien Lair & Melissa Yavo.

“This video dives inside my inner world and questions the nature of reality – entering a perspective of absolute freedom and sovereignty over my own life”
“I enjoyed embracing different layers of my creativity in designing costumes, visual concepts, set decoration, etc. I had an amazing crew who were supportive and trusting through the whole process” 

This song talks about the difficulty to embrace what we desire most – doing it fully and honestly, with no boundaries. It took a while for my adult self to finally let that child do what she really wanted”.

Watch the full video below:

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