Bhad Bhabie + Sage Charmaine + Kris the $pirit @ Corona Theatre – 23rd February 2019

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Bhad Bhabie on stage at Corona Theatre in Montreal

This has been a show that I’ve been looking forward to for weeks. Everyone has a different opinion on Bhad Bhabie. But one thing everyone cannot deny, is that she’s got a whole lot of attitude. And I needed to see how she behaves while on stage.

Kris the $pirit at Corona Theatre in Montreal


One thing that Montreal will always eat up, is hype. Pure, uncensored hype. That’s what Kris the $pirit offered to us. Corona was jumping up and down, waving arms as he spat bars into the microphone.

Kris the $pirit live in Montreal, Canada

The crowd adored him. Chanting back lyrics, taking in all the stimulation Kris threw out into the theatre. Lights switching from red and yellow to purple hues, keeping the party alive and well.

His set was short but the energy would last all night. His sick mixes and tasteful dancing brought everyone to the mood that everyone needed to be in for Bhad Bhabie.

Sage Charmaine on stage in Montreal, Canada


Shortly after Kris ended his set, a charming follow up was set into motion, and Sage Charmaine switched things up with her feelgood performance.

Whether it was her cute dance moves and flashy blue and pink hair, nobody could pull their eyes off of her. Sage brought unique beats for Montreal to hear, along with lyrics about love delivered by her lovely voice.

Sage Charmaine live at Corona Theatre in Montreal

The up and coming Pop artist left Corona’s stage with a good impression, and spent the rest of the night by the bar, saying hi to fans who enjoyed her set.

BHAD BHABIE on stage in Montreal, Canada


Either you know her from her iconic appearance on Dr. Phil, or from her extremely popular song “Gucci Flip Flops”, it’s sure that you know about Bhad Bhabie’s strong personality. Her “take no shit” attitude. And I’m here to reassure that she brings it hot while on stage.

BHAD BHABIE at the Corona Theatre in February 2019

A Bhad Bhabie show is one of the biggest parties you can go to. Between crazy loud bass and gyrating hips, there’s so much to keep your blood pumping.

She performed her own tracks, such as “Hi Bich” and “Bestie” along with covers from various artists, like “Look At Me”, a tribute to deceased XXXTentacion, and “Thotiana”. Danielle went crazy for each cover, showing Montreal just how hard she can go, and the crowd followed her footsteps all night.

BHAD BHABIE live in concert

The 15 year old rap artist brought girls on stage to dance with her, complained about “fake bitches”, and never let Corona’s energy die down.

Bhad Bhabie is an intense, lively artist that refuses to take no for an answer. Her fame started off as an explosion of memes, and has evolved into a fast growing rap career. You can be mad about her attitude and behaviour all you want, but you must admit, her album “15” slaps.

Camera phones at the BHAD BHABIE show in Montreal
BHAD BHABIE live on stage at Montreal Corona Theatre

Review – ‎Jamie Siddall‎
Photos – Emmanuel Gagne

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