Benee + Dreamer Boy @ Corona Theatre

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Benee in Montreal

Dreamer Boy 

With a smile on his face and a skip in his step, Dreamer Boy made his way to the stage to perform for the small crowd occupying Corona Theatre. He was really bouncy, light on his feet as he danced along to his set. He encouraged his audience to dance as well, making the scene more comfortable and relaxed. 

Dreamer Boy in Montreal

Dreamer Boy took a moment to speak to the crowd, telling everyone that he’s spent the last two days in Montreal and he loved it. He even got to eat some poutine, and of course, the poutine earned a fair amount of cheering from the crowd. 

His energy was high and perfect to get the crowd started for Benee. His pleasant voice travelled through the space of the venue, lifting everyone’s spirit and inspiring them to dance along with him. His movements were breezy and tranquil, just like a dream (get it?), he definitely had the crowd mesmerized while he was up there. 


Although everyone was having fun with Dreamer Boy’s performance, the true fun was yet to begin. Starting off her set with “Tough Guy”, Benee skipped onto the stage shortly after her band members had taken position. She kept waving back at any person she saw waving hello to her, smiling from ear to ear and doing silly little dances.

Her voice was beautiful, clear as glass as it travelled around the room. Her band members were very talented as well, not only did they play each song with ease, but they had a very fun energy as well. They danced on stage alongside Benee, and when she’d ask them a question, they had no problem answering aloud into her microphone for everyone else to hear as well. 

Benee was extremely interactive with her crowd. There weren’t a whole lot of people in the venue, just around a couple hundred were in attendance. It made for a pretty intimate show. Benee took quite a bit of time to converse with fans that spoke up to her. She cracked jokes, took selfies on fan’s phones, and even took a piece of paper and pen from someone who asked her to draw something for them. She was extremely charming and had such a kind and warm aura, the space felt comfortable and welcoming. 

She continued her set with songs like “Soaked”, “Night Garden” and “Kool”. She looked like she was having a blast up there, smiling widely when she heard her own lyrics being sung back to her. She had mentioned it was her first time in Montreal, and after hearing all the praise that Benee gave the crowd for how fun they were, I’m sure it won’t be her last visit. 

Benee ended her set with “Glitter”, “Never Ending”, “Supalonely”, and “Sheesh”. It was like a dance party in there. Everyone was moving along to the music being played, singing back Benee’s catchy lyrics and cheering for her as she finished her performance. The show was positively uplifting, leaving everyone in attendance refreshed and giddy as they all exited Corona Theatre.

Review – Jamie Siddall
Photos – Isabelle Oleksiuk

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