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You know the excitement when your favourite band goes on tour, and the show opener also happens to be a band you love? Well, times that by four because that’s the energy that the Bad Omens Concrete Jungle Tour brought recently to Montreal.

With a fully sold-out show before the tour even started, you knew walking into Club Soda, there would be no shortage of strong baselines and that Montreal energy we all know and love.

Thousand Below were the first openers, having been on tour with Bad Omens in 2020 just before the pandemic you can see why they would be once again touring this time around. With a softer sound, they really set the tone for the build-up we’d be seeing progressively through to the night.

My first introduction to Make Them Suffer they opened for Born of Osiris in 2019; fast forward to today, and this Perth, Australia-based 5-piece executed even more energy and more stage presence than the last. With a mixture of old & new songs, they always find a way to blend those melodic & metal notes perfectly while continuing to expand their sound, closing off their set with their latest release, “Doomswitch.”

Dayseeker of Orange County, California were the last on before our headliner. With their fourth studio album, “Dark Sun,” released early November, they kicked off their set with “Dreamstate,” keeping that high energy going.
Halfway through the set, with a heartfelt tribute to his late father. Rory Rodriguez slowed it down and really made you feel the love in the room.

This post-hardcore band has definitely evolved into their own from playing Vans Warped Tour to now really securing their place in the Metal world.

Enter Bad Omens: Opening the show rightfully with the song Concrete Jungle, from start to finish, Noah Sebastian had the crown at his fingertips.

With their set lasting almost an hour and a half. It was visually artistic, with a screen playing various images between songs, as much as it was mentally stimulating.

This whole set was nothing short of amazing energy.

With their latest album drop & the help of platforms like TikTok, more recently popularizing Metal, their single “Just Pretend” has reached 25,246,856 streams & 23,677,055 on their latest album as a whole; it’s no question they are kicking off to a whole new level.

Review – Chelsea Chawsky

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