Album Review: Misery Index – Complete Control

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Death metal heavyweight veterans return with the 7th studio album.

Misery Index – Complete Control (Album Review)

A long-standing force in the extreme music scene, Baltimore’s Misery Index has been delivering pummeling and brutal metal for 20 years.

Their newest album “Complete Control” may be their greatest opus. “Complete Control” has something for every metalhead. It combines ominous, discordant riffs like the excellent “Administer the Dagger” with some memorable groovy breakdowns like on “The Eaters and the Eaten”. The title track featured some bang your head melodic riffs with a thrash metal energy.

The variety of influences and masterful songwriting on Complete Control kept me entertained through the 9 songs. I highly recommend you check it out. It is a must for Misery Index fans and it is the perfect album to jump in if you aren’t already. 

Misery Index - Complete Control Review | Angry Metal Guy

Jason Maher

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