Album Review: Luke Bryan – Born Here Live Here Die Here

Luke Bryan performs on stage for day 4 of the 2019 CMA Music Festival (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

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Luke Bryan has long since planted his boots firmly onto country music ground— straight from his debut album in 2007.  He continues to solidify his position as one of country music’s best sellers, promoting his brand of feel-good sounds that have placed in the ranks as one of the biggest stars in modern country music today. 

Six albums, countless awards and several headlining tours under his belt, Bryan continues to create exactly what his fans appreciate; good ol’ small town country boy storytelling set to some toe-tapping, snappy and occasional tug-at-your-heartstrings tunes.

His seventh release “BORN HERE LIVE HERE DIE HERE” offers exactly the type of songs that achieve multi-platinum selling status and multiple # 1 singles.  

Ahead of its release, fans have already helped him garner three # 1 singles including the tracks “Knockin’ Boots” and “What She Wants Tonight” both catchy, fun, good-time lyrics he is known to produce. 

You won’t necessarily find Bryan deviating from what he does best.  Why change what works, right? The country clichés don’t stop him from delivering those up-tempo, drinking songs nor does he shy from nostalgic emotional ballads on this record.  The track “Build Me a Daddy” is definitely the emotional game-changer on this album; it tells of a son who has lost his soldier dad while on duty, asking a toymaker to “build him a daddy”. This song will resonate in more ways than one especially in times like these and given the level of patriotism in the U.S. for their military. 

Bryan serves up a normal dose of pop-sounding country tunes throughout most of this 10-song set, with the exception of the tracks  “Little Less Broken This Time” and “Where are We Going”, and his title track “Born Here, Live Here, Die Here” where you can hear the elements of country roots coming through.  “For a Boat” has him reminiscing about his time with his dad;  a rare personal touch to his obvious songs about women and bars. 

Bryan’s distinctive nasal twang brings out the charm in his tunes.  Born Here Live Here Die Here highlights his ability to stay true to what has been his success story thus far. His fans ask for no more than Luke being Luke.

One thing is for sure, this record blends well with “One Margarita” (or two)! 

Born Here Live Here Die Here drops Friday, August 7th.

Track List:

  1. Knockin’ Boots
  2. What She Wants Tonight
  3. Born Here Live Here Die Here
  4. One Margarita
  5. Too Drunk to Drive
  6. Build Me a Daddy
  7. Little Less Broken
  8. For a Boat
  9. Where are We Goin’
  10. Down to One

Note: Luke Bryan was set to headline Montreal’s first country music festival Lasso Montreal this year before it was postponed to 2021…. good news… he has been confirmed for next year! 

Review – Giosi Tortorici
Photo credits – Jim Wright & Jason Kempin/Getty Images

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