Yungblud + The Regrettes + Sophie Powers @ MTelus

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Montreal Yungblud fans had been waiting a while for Dominic Harrison to perform in our city finally. Finally, by the power of the music gods, we got to experience one hell of a concert. After this show being postponed multiple times, it was time for dancing, singing, tears, much love, inclusivity, and friendship.

Arriving at the venue in the early afternoon to meet Dom for an interview, hundreds of fans were lined up to get a great spot for the show. Troopers, I tell ya, ’cause it was really hot out there in the sun. Finally, at 6:30, they were let into the venue and waited a few short hours to see their favourite artist perform.

Sophie Powers in Montreal

Before Yungblud hit the floors of the iconic Metropolis (oops, I mean MTelus), fans were introduced to alternative pop newcomer Sophie Powers. She put on a great performance with an 8-song set. At one point, she asked if anyone had their hearts broken and went on into her anthem, “Life goes on!” As well she did a very cool cover of Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box.”

The Regrettes were in charge of keeping the pace and getting the crowd hyped for the man of the hour. They did a wonderful job at that, led by three females, they knocked our boots off with some crushing riffs and intense vocals. They were a very fun act, playing some 8 or 9 songs, they were engaging, and their last song, “Poor Boy,” turned into a job with the singer hopping on the drums with the drummer taking over the guitar. It was wild.

Yungblud on stage in Montreal in 2023

The man himself told us we were in for a good time tonight ’cause we were at a Yungblud show. He was really excited for this show, and let me just say it didn’t disappoint! This was hands down my favourite show of the year! Dom is so engaging, he loves his fans, and it shows. You could always see him taking a peek at the crowd and trying to connect with his fans with his most iconic smile. He just oozes rockstar that just enjoys the heck out of being in front of his fans. He started the night with “superdeadfriends” and then into “The Funeral,” the energy was palpable as the night went on; you could see everyone experiencing the show in their own way, either by hoisting flags, posters, crying, singing, hugging. It was a communal experience, and Yungblud was our leader. He kept banging out songs like “parents,” “Flea Bag,” and “Anarchist.” He then brought out his acoustic guitar and played a super emotional “Polygraph Eyes,” followed by, in my opinion, the highlight of the night, “Sweet Heroin,” which started acoustically, followed by a crowd sign-along and then into the full band playing the song. It was epic.

Yungblud on stage at Mtelus in 2023

Of course, every goodnight has to come to an end and let me tell you, it finished with a bang with Dom bringing out two rockstar kids to rock on with him during “I Think I’m Okay,” the huge hit he has with Machine Gun Kelly. Such a beautiful moment, and then after a small break, he came out and did his current hit, “Lowlife,” and signed off with “Loaner.”

Just a lovely evening with a lovely human; I can’t wait to see him again. If you can go out to a show, do it; you are guaranteed to have a great time.

Watch the interview below:

Review & photos – Eric Brisson

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