Video Release: Worry – lonesome (summer night)

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Kerry Samuels (Worry) with the help of l i l a behind the camera release a video for lonesome (summer night).

The song has that warm summer vibe, bringing us back to the 90s, dealing with heartbreak.

“It’s the first song I ever wrote for worry.
It was form of just lyrical vomit, meaning I didn’t think about the lyrics, they just came to me as I was playing the song.
It came to me the night after a big break up, so the lyrics feeling childish are from a place of hurt.
It was this song that put the wheels in motion for all my other songs and later forming my musical career under the name Worry.”

“As for the video, it represents my mental state when I’m feeling most depressed. At those times, I feel unable to help myself and do basic tasks by myself (hence the external hands feeding me and brushing my teeth).
But the thing that gives me joy and pulls me out of my sadness, is playing the guitar.
That’s why throughout the video, I’m never not holding it.” <Kerry Samuels>

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