Teddy Swims + Elley Duhé @ Beanfield Theatre

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“Is there any better activity on a Saturday night than going downtown to catch a show? For me, it’s definitely my favourite thing, and tonight we had the pleasure of welcoming the wonderful Jaten Collin Dimsdale! If you don’t recognize the name, it’s because he goes by Teddy Swims, and he certainly knows his way around.

Before we got to the main event, we were introduced to Elley Duhé, a singer from Mobile, Alabama. Coming off the success of ‘Middle of the Night’ on TikTok, which landed her a funding opportunity with BeetBread, she was able to release her first EP, ‘Phoenix,’ under her own label, Not Fit for Society. She had a mysterious look and an incredible voice; however, I found that her stage presence needs some tweaking. For the most part, she stood in one spot and did not add more dimension to her style and body of work so far.

Everyone was now ready for the main event. I struggled to see any empty spots in the venue; the place was packed, elbow to elbow. This felt like a ‘you had to be there’ event. When Teddy came on stage, we knew we were in for a special night. His voice immediately caressed our ears and took us on a journey that most in the room will never forget. With a huge smile and a glint in his eyes, he performed ‘911’, followed by a cover of Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing,’ which many believed was even better than the original. It was truly fantastic.

He continued to show why he is beloved and why he will be a huge star. The appreciation and gratefulness he expressed were truly vulnerable and refreshing. I could go on and on about every song, but let me single out ‘Lose Control’ and his cover of Shania Twain’s ‘You’re Still the One.’ His performance was flawless. I totally love him; his stage presence is addictive. I loved that he supported Montreal’s ONEBONE brand, wearing one of their soon-to-be-released ‘Woodland Bullet’ tees. He made it known they were good at making a ‘big boi’ feel small. The show had 20 songs, even featuring a return to the stage by Elley to perform their song ‘Face Myself.’

To say Teddy is going places would be an understatement. He was a breath of fresh air and a show I really need to see again soon!

Review & photos – Eric Brisson

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