Still Woozy + Salami Rose Joe Louis @ L’Olympia

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Salami Rose Joe Louis

To start the night off, Salami Rose Joe Louis started her set by pushing down the keys of her keyboard, ready to transport her audience into her own little world. Her voice was dreamy, slightly clouded by the voice enhancer she had set up. She sounded very unique and alluring, truly grabbing one’s attention as she sang so softly into her microphone.

She seemed timid when it came to speaking to the bustling crowd in L’Olympia, only sharing a few thoughts here and there. She did explain the meaning of one of her songs though, saing; “I wrote this song about cell phones. I feel like they are turning my brain into jelly, and this song sounds like what that feels like to me.”

Her lyrics are simple, and just like when it comes to spoken word, they seem almost timid. The main focus in her songs are the synths she incorporates into them, creating a combination of enticing sounds that could only have come from within her own mind.

Salami Rose had a very friendly presence and enchanted the audience with her stories. She even switched it up and pulled out a harmonica, which I just really appreciated. She had such an inviting and calm energy, her gentle voice so soothing as it greeted everyone at L’Olympia.

Still Woozy

Now his set was an incredible switch up from the calm opener. The stage was decorated with grassy platforms, snake plants, and a few palm leaves, all of this paired with soft orange and red lighting really set a tropical mood.

Still Woozy ran onto stage with his drummer and bassist, greeted with a venue full of screaming fans.

They waste no time, starting their set with “Habit”. Absolutely everyone started dancing along, which clearly pleased Still Woozy as he jumped around the stage, giving praise to the audience between lyrics. He had plenty of dance moves to show off, and it really got the crowd hyped up.

He was consistently encouraging the crowd to sing and dance, even instructing that they sing as loud as they can for the bridge in a song. The venue filled up with everyone’s voices, each word very crisp and clear. The crowd definitely matched his energy, and cheered in reassurance when he would ask if anyone was in the mood to dance.

Still Woozy’s set consisted of songs such as “Kenny”, “Cooks”, “Maybe She”, and “Lucy”. There was never a dull moment during the show. The set was like a celebration of life and being able to perform live music once again. Everyone in the audience danced, laughed whenever the band members shared a funny moment, and sang along to all their favourite songs.

Still Woozy made damned sure to express his love for his listeners. He threw fake roses into the crowd, preached about self love, and conveyed his appreciation for each person in attendance. He was rewarded with the roaring of everyone’s cheers, which grew even louder once he and his band reappeared on stage to perform their encore song “Goodie Bag”.

I’m really glad I finally got the chance to attend this show after it’s been postponed so many times. The entire performance was a breath of fresh air, and when I left to go meet up with some friends afterwards, I found myself in a fantastic mood, humming along to “Goodie Bag” as I walked to my car.

Writer: Jamie Siddall

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