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Australian garage-punk trio Skegss travelled to North America this fall for a full-length tour, nearly leaving out any remaining cities. After selling out venues across Australia, it was time for Skeggs to treat us North American fans with their unique and contagious punk sound.

Hit single “L.S.D” spread like wildfire since its release in 2014. The song had become a staple in the indie-rock/punk community over the years, as it’s nearly been a decade now. I’m a longtime fan of them myself, so I was thrilled to finally have been able to see Skegss live for the first time.

Upon taking the stage, the crowd roared immediately and the band had the biggest smiles on their faces. As this was also their first time in Montreal, I’m sure they were stunned to see this many fans in a foreign city so excited to see them.

I heard some had travelled from out of the city for this show, and I admired the dedication the fanbase has. I’m always thrilled to hear when my fellow concert-goers share a similar passion for their favourite artists as I do.

From the moment the first song of the night began which was “Valhalla,” all of Corona Theatre was engulfed into one big mosh pit. Within minutes, the only thing I could smell was stale beer and sweat. Well, that definitely sounded like a signature Skegss show. 

It was the perfect start to a beautiful night of moshing.

Hits such as “New York California,” “Road Trip,” “Bush TV,” and “Under The Thunder” were performed which had the crowd screaming back every word on cue. There were a few times where guitarist and vocalist Toby Cregan passed the mic towards the audience, and immediately the crowd was just as loud as him in return. 

One of the most memorable moments of the night for me would have been at about halfway through the show. A fan wanted to chug a beer out of his shoe, but security wasn’t going to allow it. So instead, bassist and vocalist Ben Reed noticed and invited the fan to chug a beer from his shoe on stage instead. The crowd roared in response. Ben gave him a hug after and went back down to his spot.

As the show was coming to an end soon, “L.S.D” was finally played and of course the mosh pit began again. “L.S.D” is actually one of their more mellow songs, so it was a little humorous for me to mosh to what has always been a happy little tune in my head. It was awesome to finally be able to enjoy that special moment with everyone as many fans had only come to hear that one song.

After cheering for an encore for a number of minutes, Ben Reed came out by himself with a smile to perform their new song “Spaceman.” It was a nice mellow wind-down after an intense but amazing set by Skegss.

Rachel Lynn

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