Show Me The Body + guests @ Corona Theatre

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One of the most anticipated shows of the year was happening on Sunday the 19th of March at Corona Theatre. The line-up was filled with acts who all have released singles and albums that are up for best albums of 2023.

The show opened with hip-hop artist Tripp Jones. The crowd had not all yet arrived. Tripp as a solo act here, alone with his laptop, dropped a ton of rhymes on the gathered crowd of punks and metalheads. His flow was fast and furious, and he is quite the entertainer, but unfortunately, he was faced with a bit of a style mismatch.

The atmosphere quickly changed as the room filled up for the newest up-and-coming hardcore band Zulu. The band came on stage ready to party for their first show in Montreal and the crowd greeted them with cheers. They played songs from their latest album, “A New Tomorrow,” and the crowd loved every minute of it. A violent mosh pit full of hardcore dancing lasted throughout their short but powerful set. The band served an aggressive and high-energy performance full of fast-paced guitar riffs, heavy drumming and intense vocals from vocalist Anaiah and drummer Christine. I strongly suggest you check out their newest album for their soul-infused black power violence; it is so far one of my most listened-to albums of 2023.

After Zulu’s performance, the crowd was fired up as Scowl took the stage. From the moment they took the stage, the energy was palpable. The crowd cheered as vocalist Kat Moss stepped on stage with her neon green hair.  The band played a set list consisting of their classic 2021 album “How Flowers Grow.” One very enthusiastic fan in the crowd was even dressed up as a flower! The band also performed both their new single “Shot Down” and “Opening night.” These newer tracks don’t have the same aggression as their more classic material, but their live performance injected a new level of energy to these new singles. The band even played a cover of a classic Misfits song, “Attitude”; it was an interesting take on the classic. An intense and electrifying performance from an up-and-coming band that continues to reach new heights of success.

Jesus Piece is a hardcore band that has been making waves in the underground music scene since their formation in 2015. The crowd erupted as the opening notes rang in the theatre, and the band launched into a frenzied performance that didn’t let up for their entire set. Lead vocalist Aaron commanded the stage with a ferocity that was both intimidating and captivating. His piercing screams cut through the brutal wall of sound created by the rest of the band. The chemistry between the band was evident as they crushed each song, never missing a beat. The crowd was moshing, pushing and hardcore dancing to the feral beats of the bands. Bodies and fists were flying everywhere in a particularly brutal mosh pit. The band played some of their older material and many of their new singles. My favourite moments were when they took the time to revisit their fan-favourite classics, “Workhorse” and “Punish”.

Prior to this show, I must admit, I had never taken the opportunity to check out and listen to Show Me The Body. I knew very little of the headlining act, and I was mainly there to check out Zulu, Scowl and Jesus Piece. I had taken the time to listen to a few tracks on the drive to the show, but I hadn’t particularly enjoyed them. The band took the stage under dark lights as the vocalist Julian delivered an ominous and dark-spoken introduction to the song “Out of place.” The crowd cheered and sang along to every word. As the music intensified, the fans erupted in a mosh pit that did not stop for a single moment of their performance. Show Me The Body combines elements of hardcore punk, electronica, noise, and rock. The trio feature vocalist Julian with his unique distorted banjo, the dark, destructive bass and electronic noise provided by multi-instrumentalist Harlan Jones and a ferocious and intense drumbeat provided by Jackieboy.

The crowd responded to the passionate performance with equal passion, thrashing and moshing throughout the set and shouting along to every word. The band’s connection with their fans was palpable as they invited everyone in the crowd to cross the barrier and climb on the stage to execute as many stage dives as they wanted to. It was an unrelenting party of people jumping off the stage into the crowd creating many beautiful moments in the chaos, like the people executing flips or breakdancing on stage. In the end, Show Me The Body’s concert was a raw, cathartic experience that left everyone in attendance feeling both bruised and invigorated. With their uncompromising sound and unapologetic attitude, this band is a force to be reckoned with, and I quickly became a fan.

Thank you to Good Shows and Extensive Enterprise for bringing all these amazing bands to Montreal and keeping our underground scene fresh and invigorated.  

Jason Maher

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