Sheenah Ko New Video: Eyes of the Ego

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When it comes to ethereal Synth Pop, Sheenah Ko is able to stretch the boundaries the genre.

Sheenah also strives to break the social & cultural barriers that face underrepresented and marginalized populations through her art.

The video was directed by Anne Marie Munoz and features Katharine King So (filmmaker/artist/actor) and Laurence Giroux-Do (Le Couleur vocalist)…like Sheenah Ko, all of mixed Asian descent.

“With the video, I felt it was important to have two other actresses that looked like me, with similar racial backgrounds, to illustrate mirror/dream-like image and to represent the looking at one’s self,” says Ko.

“I am proud to share a music video that was 100% female-made from all the cast, crew, and management, and where over half the cast and crew identify as LGBTQ+. I was also thrilled to have Chinese Canadian violinist FOONYAP contribute to the recording of the track. Her performance marries brittle traditional melodies with classical deconstructionism and a minimalist electronic aesthetic.” explains Ko.

The Power of the Ego

Our ego is the steering wheel to our actions. Left unchecked, it will go where its selfish desires want to take us, often in a place or state of mind we don’t want.

“Passion and anger are manifestations of the ego; that can drag us deeper and deeper into our minds, into a dream where we can’t escape, where we lose our sense of time and where we lose the sense of who we really are,” explains Munoz. “But sometimes we need to lose ourselves to discover who we are. This video represents the explorations of the self, to identify and accept the ego as a part of us, while realizing it does not have to be us or define us. To realize we are the eyes behind our ego and that we can also be the observer of the ego.”

When we are able to observe the ego, we can also take away its power over us, and take control of the steering wheel, changing our course.

What do your eyes of ego see?

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