Sabrina Claudio + Gallant @ Corona Theatre – October 17 2019

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I had reviewed Sabrina Claudio for her last show in November of last year. When I learned she was going to be back in Montreal, I got so excited, and didn’t hesitate to snatch up the opportunity to review her once again. And just like last year, Sabrina’s live performance left me stunned. 


When you think of RnB, there are many things that come to mind. Vulnerability, passion, and incredible vocal capabilities are a few to name. Gallant, so sweetly, fits every description. 

His set started with an incredible introduction performed by his three-piece band. Gallant took the stage, running and dancing, showing Montreal his incredible energy. He had already set the bar high for himself and never failed to impress the crowd even further. 

His breathtaking vocals and earth-shattering high notes swooned every person present in Corona. Looking down at the floor, everyone was standing with their mouths wide open whenever Gallant showed off the limits of his voice. One young woman, in particular, was really vibing with his music, swaying back and dancing right on beat. Of course, Gallant noticed her and brought her up on stage. She was starstruck at first but quickly started to dance along with him as he sang next to her. He took her by the hand, and sang his sweet lyrics to her, serenading the hell out of her and the rest of the audience while he was at it. 

Gallant’s new record “Sweet Insomnia” comes out on October 25. Be sure to listen to it if you’d enjoy a voice filled with soul, and RnB beats to match. And when he finds himself back in Montreal, please don’t miss it, you won’t regret it. 

Sabrina Claudio 

The calm chatter following Gallant’s exit from the stage was sweet and comforting. It was a nice transition into the main act for the night. As I was sitting around, watching the crowd dance along to the smooth music softly playing through the speakers, my mind wandered to November of last year. I thought about the lights, How every song on the setlist melted into each other beautifully, and the self vulnerability Sabrina exposed to the crowd of Corona. 

It made me so much more excited for this show. I anticipated what might be different, and what might be the same. As my thoughts went on, the lights had dimmed, and suddenly, Sabrina Claudio’s tour band had started her instrumental introduction, sending everyone in the venue on a cheering rampage. With a flash of a spotlight, Sabrina’s figure was revealed, and she slowly walked towards her microphone in front of the stage. The woman is the definition of elegance. She sang through her beautiful set with outstanding success, switching from album to album. Before playing older songs, 

She spoke a lot more than she did the year before. Explaining the meanings of certain songs, exposing her thought process when writing, and joking around with fans in the front row. It was incredibly special. 

Her set continues on with a few more songs. Some new, and some old. Her influence on the crowd was amazing. Her confidence and radiance really rubbed off onto the crowd, having every single person dancing as if it were only them in their own bedroom. There was no judgement, no snickering. Just a safe environment to explore oneself through the smooth live performance of RnB. 

There are so many reasons why you should go see Sabrina perform live. Not only is she stunningly beautiful, but her vocals are captivating, and her personality bursts out of her skin while she speaks to her audience. Sabrina Claudio brings hefty amounts of passion to her live performances, putting her Montreal listeners in the palm of her hand. 

Review – Jamie Siddall

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