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Reneé Rapp’s “Snow Hard Feelings Tour” made its stop in Montreal this Saturday at MTELUS, drawing in fans who eagerly lined up around the block hours in advance. The performance was opened by Towa Bird – British guitarist and singer-songwriter who played an energizing pop-rock set, bringing a fun 80’s London punk energy with her songs “FML”, “Bills”, and “Drain Me!”. “Bonjour bisexuals!”, she greeted the crowd, who responded with screaming adoration. American singer-songwriter and producer Alexander 23 took the stage next; his set’s highlights included his hit “IDK You Yet” and a cover of One Direction’s “Steal My Girl.”

Reneé ran onto stage in a sports jersey and denim jorts, a comfy look juxtaposed by a chic pair of black leather boots. Opening her set with “Talk Too Much,” her concert was split into the four seasons, starting with Spring. Reneé’s stage presence was nothing less than captivating; I think it’s fair to say that everyone in the room was in love with her when she flirtatiously greeted the crowd, who were holding up signs saying “TAKE MY VIRGINITY PLS,” “MY BISEXUAL AWAKENING,” and “WE’RE IN LOVE WITH YOU.”

Moving into the Summer season, Reneé played fan favourites, including the lesbian anthem “Pretty Girls,” “23”, and “Tummy Hurts”. Introducing “23”, she shared a laugh with the audience about how much she loved the lyric: “I just want some recognition for having good tits and a big heart,” as well as bringing Towa Bird back out for the song in a display of on-stage chemistry.

Squatting down to her fans’ level and holding out her microphone, they faithfully sang the lyrics verbatim back to her. Her connection to her listeners was a key element of her show, as she frequently interacted with signs, collected friendship bracelets, caught a comically large bra thrown on stage, and even let a fan introduce “Too Well” during the Fall season. Though her vocal style can be described as pop with R&B influences, her experience on Broadway is evident in her expert vocal technique, cleanly pulling off runs as well as flexing a stunning lower range. 

Introducing “Gemini Moon” during the final season, Winter, Renneé described it as one of her favourite songs she’s ever written. Alexander 23 was brought out again during “I Wish,” sitting on the edge of the stage with Reneé and his guitar for an intimate acoustic moment. Stepping off the stage after “In The Kitchen,” she returned to her fans chanting her name for an encore of “Snow Angel,” standing in front of a pair of angel wings projected behind her. “I’ll make it through the winter if it kills me / I can make it faster if I hurry / I’ll angel in the snow until I’m worthy / But if it kills me, I tried,” she belted – ending her 1.5-hour performance in a hauntingly beautiful ballad.

The “Snow Hard Feelings Tour” is a triumph for any artist, let alone for a debut album cycle such as Reneé’s. Her concert excelled in its thematic progression through the seasons, Reneé’s stage presence and powerhouse vocals, her fantastic backing musicians and opening acts, and most of all – her genuine love for her fans and their unwavering affection and effort. She is most definitely an act to watch as she continues touring across North America and Europe, with many upcoming shows already sold out.



  • Talk Too Much
  • Poison Poison
  • Willow 
  • Bruises


  • Colorado
  • Pretty Girls
  • 23
  • Tummy Hurts


  • I Hate Boston
  • So What Now
  • Tattoos
  • Too Well


  • Gemini Moon
  • The Wedding Song
  • I Wish
  • In The Kitchen


  • Snow Angel

Review & photos – Serena Yang

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