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FHANG — the debut collaborative album between Mishka Stein (Patrick Watson, TEKE::TEKE) and Sam Woywitka — channels the energy of pandemic-induced uncertainty into thunderous grooves and cinematic soundscapes with the gravity to absorb your entire attention. 

Today the duo unveil Something Real, the second single off the album. 

The song is built on a crunchy caveman bass riff, with a very bipolar chord progression striking like an ambivalent dance. The band sings a monologue, revealing a big life bomb. The uplifting rhythmic willingly clashes with the stoïcism of Stein and Woywitka in the video. And through the frantic melodic pattern, the idea of the infinite persists like the stroboscopes of a nightclub feeding the urgency of the beat.

They also directed the video with the same DIY spirit that boosted the album.

Watch the video below:

The album’s nine songs were produced remotely and showcase a shared affinity for icy synthesizers, edgy mantras, and tender illumination. The album title, FHANG, recalls Stein’s commitment to staring unflinchingly into the gaping mouth of extreme emotions, and the catharsis of the musical processing here is palpable.

FHANG’s debut album will be released on August 27 via Woywitka’s new label Hidden Ship

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