PUP + Sheer Mag + Pinkshift @ MTelus

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PUP at Mtelus


I had the unfortunate idea of driving to St-Catherine on a Friday night, so of course, I had the worst time finding a parking spot. So to my complete and utter dismay, I was late to the show and missed most of PINKSHIFT’S opening set. This makes me genuinely sad because I love PINKSHIFT, but I managed to catch the last two songs of their set, “I’m Gonna Tell My Therapist on You” and “Rainwalk”. 

I was nowhere near disappointed with what I had caught from their performance. People in the pit were dancing along with lead singer Ashrita Kumar, who was expelling greatly captivating energy into the crowd with her voice. She had even dropped to the floor, singing with all the passion she could muster. 

PINKSHIFT had a lot of clear chemistry with each other, they played excellently with each other and from what I read in the room, they had put on a really fun set to start the night off. Keep an eye out for PINKSHIFT’S next Montreal performance, it’s definitely a show you wouldn’t want to miss. I know I’ll be at their next show, and this time I’ll see more than two songs. 

Sheer Mag in Montreal


Confidence oozed from each member of SHEER MAG as they made their way onto stage, ready to keep the crowd of MTelus hyped on energy. And they most certainly did deliver. 

Their set started off with the opening track from their 2019 record “A Distant Cell”, called “Steel Sharpens Steel”. My goodness was that an excellent choice to start with. Lead vocalist, Christina Halladay, produced the most powerfully controlled “YEAH” I’ve ever heard in my life. Seriously, her voice is absolutely perfect for the seventies rock vibe SHEER MAG gives off. 

The chemistry SHEER MEG had on stage was nothing short of completely and undoubtedly confident, laced with clear talent and influence that just guided the crowd right on the perfect level of energy for the upcoming headliner. 


Finally, after two great opening performances, it was time for the main event of the night. As the house lights dimmed and the venue grew darker, MTelus began to fill up with the loud voices that cheered for PUP as each member walked onto stage. 

With lead vocalist Stefan Babcock on center stage, pressing the opening key notes to their song “Four Chords” from the band’s latest record “THE UNRAVELING OF PUPTHEBAND”, the show began. The moment that the song built up and picked up the pace, every single person in the pit started to dance, moving against each other, singing every word. 

You know that a band is well-loved when the audience knows every lyric to every song performed. PUP is definitely no exception to this, even tracks from their brand new 2022 album like “Totally Fine”, “Robot Writes A Love Song”, and “Matilda” were all being sung loudly and proudly by all the PUP fans in MTelus. The love was apparent in everyone’s smiling faces as they danced and moshed to each song. 

Babcock took a moment to address the audience, expressing thanks for everyone’s attendance and positive energy. “Look at this crowd! You guys start the mosh as soon as you hear the song start, it’s fantastic to see.” He says, smiling so wide that no matter where you were in the venue

you couldn’t possibly miss it. “But take care of each other in there! Be aware of the people around you, help them out when they fall!” They continued the show with well-loved songs such as “Free At Last” and “Reservoir”. 

PUP was very interactive with the crowd, asking for a show of hands for who’s seen them perform before, and then for the first-timers. They even paused for a few seconds for someone to find their phone that they had dropped in the pit. The search was successful, and more tracks from that amazing setlist like “If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You, I Will”, and “Scorpion Hill” continued the crowds moshing. 

That was honestly one of the most respectful crowds I’ve ever been in. Although the mosh circles were huge, when they began to spread out I’d get tapped on my shoulder as a warning. Everyone kept each other safe, not pushing anyone who was on the sidelines, and quickly clearing the floor when someone fell and multiple people would run to help them up. While moshing, at least 5 people had fallen on top of each other right at my feet. After I had lifted up as many as I could, one of the guys who I scooped up from his underarms gave me a huge hug in thanks and repeatedly expressed gratitude. Very, very sweet vibes in the pit really made the show so enjoyable and fun. 

Just before finishing their set, Babcock told the crowd that when PUP performs their encore, they don’t bother leaving the stage. “We stay out here with you all and just keep playing, we’re giving you this warning so you don’t stand out there waiting for us to come back out.” The band then gave their absolute all with their encore set, performing “Morbid Stuff” and “Kids”. 

If you missed the PUP show then I’m honestly sorry, because that show was an absolute blast. Fret not though, they’ll definitely make their way back to Montreal, and when they do I’ll certainly be there again. I’ll likely take the metro though.


  • Four Chords 
  • Totally Fine 
  • My Life Is Over And I Couldn’t Be Happier See You At Your Funeral 
  • Sleep In The Heat 
  • Dark Days 
  • Robot Writes A Love Song 
  • Free At Last 
  • Reservoir 
  • Edmonton 
  • Matilda 
  • If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You, I Will DVP 
  • Scorpion Hill 
  • Waiting 
  • Familiar Patterns 
  • PUPTHEBAND Inc. Is Filing For Bankruptcy -encore 
  • Morbid Stuff 
  • Kids

Review – Jamie Siddall
Photos – Mell Martella

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