Primitive Man + guests @ Bar le Ritz

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An intense heavy evening was planned out as these five touring bands were storming down on Montreal for one of the most sonically heavy shows of the year.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the venue in time to catch Elizabeth Colour Wheel. I was a tad disappointed as this fantastic female-fronted band melds everything from noise to harsh grindcore in one package. Those in attendance assured me they gave a powerful albeit short performance. If you are interested in unique music, please give their full-length debut ‘Nocebo’ a listen.

Doom metal band Body Void offered a slow and sonically brutal set. The slow sludgy rhythm sent out soundwaves that could be physically felt by the crowd in attendance.  Their set was filled with slow headbanging moments and an intense vocal performance by singer and guitarist Willow Ryan. The high screeched vocals over the uncompromisingly brutal songs. Occasionally, the slow sludgy doom would stop to allow a burst of speed to keep the songs fresh and memorable. I have greatly enjoyed their latest album ‘Bury Me Beneath This Rotting Earth’.

I was very excited for the next band Jarhead Fertilizer. The band formed by current and former members of Full of Hell were ready to deliver some power violence and moshy death metal. I am always impressed when an extreme band has a drummer who also does the vocal. David Bland was offering up some very fast and intense beats all the while delivering some monstrously guttural vocals. The band had the crowd moshing to all of their songs and kept things interesting as samples were played between each of their songs. Jarhead Fertilizer offered my favourite performance of the evening and stole the show. Their debut full-length ‘Product of My Environment’ is available on Closed Casket Activities.

Mortiferum were a blast from the past delivering some old-school death/doom metal. The slow atmospheric death metal was at times reminiscent of Morbid Angel combining a cascade of slow death metal riffs combined with some insanely fast guitar solos.  The songwriting is top-notch as the songs would ebb and flow in their tempos to always keep me hypnotized and attentive. A strong performance that the metalhead crowd greatly enjoyed.

Doom veterans Primitive Man delivered a merciless performance as they slammed their soundwaves into the crowd. Their combination of slow sludgy beats with ear-piercing electronics was a whole-body experience. As they played their set under darkened red lighting, it created a dark harsh atmosphere. Their savage mix of death metal, noise and doom mesmerized the crowd as we all stood awestruck watching them. The band and their dark suffocating droning melodies were a sight to behold.

Thank you once again to Extensive Enterprise and Bar Le Ritz for putting on a fantastic show.

Review – Jason Maher
Photos – Kieron Yates

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