Polo & Pan @ Place Bell – 11 December 2021

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Tonight, the 100 KM wind was competing with Polo & Pan to blow the roof off Place Bell.

Polo & Pan won.

The French duo of Armand-Delille (Polo) and Alexandre Grynszpan (Pan) felt right at home in Place Bell, among their French fans, for their Cyclorama Tour.


LoveLeo warmed up the crowd which was quickly streaming in.

Occasionally stepping out from behind the gear, he sang a few songs which added a nice dimension to his set.

It was clear that those in attendance were ready to dance.

Polo & Pan

I was doing so well going for the Careygeddon/ApoCareypse win.  This is the challenge to avoid hearing “All I Want For Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey during December.

It ended up being the song that introduced the band and instantly made the crowd go wild.

My loss, their gain.

Cyclorama is a fitting name for the album and tour.  In theatre, a Cyclorama is a large, curved backdrop, usually used to give the illusion of a sky onstage.  

It is meant to envelop the viewer into the narrative of the story, which is exactly what Polo & Pan did with their backdrop and lights.  We were transported into their musical world.

The slow heartbeat burst through the speakers as they started with Côme.  

The whole arena turned into a communal celebration, and it didn’t take long for all to stand for the duration of the show.

The band acknowledged that it was far too long since their last visit, 2 years ago at MTelus as part of the Francos.

By the time Celebration was performed, Polo came to the front of the stage and all hands were in the air.  Celebration summed up the mood tonight.

Victoria Lafaurie would help the boys on a few songs, including Attrape-Rêve & Arc-en-ciel dancing with the grace of a swan.

The evening kept escalating, with banger after banger.  Those bass drop moments just kept coming, much to the delight of the dancing crowd.

At one point, the house lights went on so the band could see the crowd, but these were quickly turned down to give a more “obscure” vibe, as Tunnel played, one of my favourite tracks.

I got to hear the cinematic Requiem which takes me back to the video that captures the song so well.

The crowd went wild for Ani Kuni and the couple next to me got their wish to hear Canopée.

Of course, Polo & Pan would give us an encore to wrap up the night.

Tonight was truly a celebration, and Polo & Pan delivered, both visually, and musically.

Review – Randal Wark

Photos – Maelle Ramsay

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