Olivia Dean + IAMNOTMYHISTORY @ Le Studio TD

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Montreal-based DJ IAMNOTMYSTORY started the show with a bang! The crowd immediately connected with her groovy set and danced along to mixes of popular R&B songs as well as energetic afro beats. Although she experienced a technical malfunction mid-set, she was able to keep the crowd’s attention and energy going all the way through her set! I’m positive she gained a lot of new listeners that night; I guarantee I will be keeping an eye out for new sets!

London-born soul singer Olivia Dean then took centre stage, effortlessly captivating hearts and souls with her songs at Studio TD; a perfectly intimate venue for a performance that transcended mere music, weaving a narrative that resonated with every person there. Dean’s arrival on stage was greeted by thunderous applause, setting the tone for the evening. Her vocal prowess, reminiscent of legends past yet uniquely contemporary, immediately commanded attention. She effortlessly navigated a repertoire that spanned the spectrum of human emotions. From soft ballads that tugged at heartstrings to infectious, upbeat tunes that had the audience swaying in unison, her versatility shone through each lyric and melody.

What truly set Olivia Dean’s concert apart from others was her ability to effortlessly connect with the audience. In between songs, her candid stories about love and light and loss, coupled with her genuine warmth, fostered an intimate atmosphere that made everyone feel like they were part of a personal conversation. Visually, the stage was filled with colours that complemented the mood of every song, creating an immersive experience that heightened the storytelling. From deeply emotional ballads to vibrant, rhythm-based songs, the lighting design harmonized perfectly with the sonic masterpiece painted by Dean.

As the concert reached its end, the audience was left with a lingering sense of euphoria, a testament to the night’s enchanting allure. Olivia Dean’s concert wasn’t just a musical event but a celebration of raw talent, genuine connection, and the profound impact of authentic storytelling through music.


  1. Echo
  2. Danger
  3. Cross My Mind
  4. Be My Own Boyfriend
  5. Dangerously Easy
  6. What Am I Gonna Do on Sundays?
  7. Messy
  8. Slowly
  9. I Could Be a Florist
  10. UFO (Unplugged)
  11. OK Love You Bye
  12. Millionaire (Kelis cover)

13. Ladies Room
14. Reason to Stay
15. Carmen
16. The Hardest Part
17. Dive

Review & photos – Daphne Miller

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