New Music Friday May 20, 2022

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This week’s treasure hunt: In which video do we see the “chosen one”?

Tess Parks

Love the vibe on I See Angels, so much so that it is my pick of the week.

Genre: Lo-Fi Psych

I See Angels is best listened to when they are de-icing the plane for a second time.

Les Shirley

Big summer vibes from Les Shirley with Random Call.

Genre: Indie Rock

Random Call is best listened to when draining the mini-bar before going out.

Roxane Bruneau

Roxane has a seamless Franglais song with I Don’t Know Pas Savoir. Haven’t heard “Tiguidou” in a while! The song was a compilation of social media comments.

Genre: Indie Pop

I Don’t Know Pas Savoir is best listened to when taking a crash course on being a Montrealer.


The story of Charlie & Emma as they deal with mental health issues in their own distinct realities. Check out Black Water.

Genre: Indie Pop

Black Water is best listened to when you feel like you are the only one who sees darkness.


Metric have a way to re-invent themselves in a way that is always exciting. Doomscroller sounds futuristic and fresh and comes in at over 10 minutes…but worth every minute.

Genre: Alternative Rock with a hint of EDM

Doomscroller is best listened to while scrubbing the toilet.


We seem to have been saying You Have Got To Be Kidding Me more than ever. Monkey Pox? War in the Ukraine? Will Smith slap?

Genre: Quirk Pop

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me is best listened to from the back of a pickup truck.

Soccer Mommy

Bones is about wanting to be the better version of yourself in a relationship. The songs really builds up towards the end.

Genre: Indie Rock

Bones is best listened to looking in the mirror and wanting to see someone else staring back.


A softer version of AOF this time around with Sans Soleil. The song is about hanging onto hope during heavy times.

Genre: Screamo

Sans Soleil is best listened to when trying to love oneself.


Who doesn’t love a good remix? Heart Attack gets a Phase Fatale Remix and the song simply rocks.

Genre: Darkwave

Heart Attack is best listened to while navigating a dystopian landscape.


Interpol’s version of a summer jam is Fables.

Genre: Alternative/Post-Punk

Fables is best listened to when trying to find an ATM on the moon.


File this one under…well that was unexpected…but awesome. Listen to Fousheé as they perform i’m fine.

Genre: Singer/Songwriter for this one

I’m fine is best listened to when you are just about to lose it.


Santigold celebrates her greatness with the song High Priestess.

Genre: Rap Punk

High Priestess is best listened to when you need a boost of self-esteem.


Hanorah released If I Were a Movie, the first single off her upcoming album.

Genre: R&B/Soul

If Life Were a Movie is best listened to as you see your ex with someone new…and worse yet…they seem happy.

For some of this week’s album releases, watch the video below:

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