New Music Friday May 13, 2022

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Easy Tiger

Montreal’s own Easy Tiger released breakfast in bed, a fun summer jam with some 80s infused fun.

Genre: Indie Rock

breakfast in bed is best listened to when prepping the hangover breakfast of champions.


When Shannon Hemmett isn’t busy with the band Actors, LEATHERS is her focus, a project that stands alone with the danceable Runaway.

Genre: Darkwave

Runway is best listened to on a week-end escape road trip.


Moira & Claire

We all know someone like Delaney’s Dad, a new one from Moira & Claire.

Genre: Folk Pop

Delayney’s Dad is best listened to when you are surrounded by haters.

Tash Sultana

Soon to visit the Montreal Jazz Festival stage, Tash Sultana released a rendition of Bon Iver’s Flume.

Genre: Insane Talent

Flume is best listened to when wondering what it be like to have siblings.

Rachel Bobbitt

Rachel Bobbitt released More, a song about pain and navigating the medical system that turns a blind eye.

Genre: Singer/Songwritter

More is best listened to as you grit your teeth, let the sounds wash your pain away.


The band that can do no wrong in my eyes, tackled Nirvana and crushed it. Been A Son is fast and furious and would just crush it at a live gig.

Genre: Twingaze

Been A Son is best listened to when you need a shot of Testosterone.

New Monarch

A band formed by the pause caused by a Pandemic, New Monarch released a song about loss and grief. The Day You Left is like a baseball bat surrounded by fleece…soft and warm at times, hard-hitting throughout.

Genre: Rock

The Day You Left is best listened to after a bad breakup.

My Chemical Romance

My Chemical has reignited the Romance with an epic 6 minutes of The Foundations of Decay, which references 9/11, legacy and the challenges of getting older.

Genre: Emo Indie

The Foundations of Decay is best listened to while screaming at the top of your lungs.

Death Cab for Cutie

Death Uber for Cutie (I just modernized it) rereleased Roman candles, about the “crippling, existential bread that goes hand in hand with living in a nervous city on a dying planet.”

Genre: Indie Rock

Roman Candles is best listened to when you are ready to let go…of all the anxiety holding you down.


Eurovision winners Måneskin have released Supermodel based on the many characters they met while in L.A..

Genre: Glam Rock

Supermodel is best listened to while walking the catwalk at your local Winners.

Two Feet

Self-diagnosing Two Feet released ADHD.

Genre: Indie Rock

ADHD is best listened when you get…squirrel!…distracted.

Tami Neilson

A tumble weed is imagined rolling across your path as the first notes of Baby, You’re a Gun begin. The song explores the underestimation of strong women in our society, and the role they are expected to play.

Genre: Country & Soul

Baby, You’re a Gun is best listened to when you want to shoot the glass ceiling that is holding you back.

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