New Music Friday March 18, 2022

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The top pick of the week goes to Bülow which must be played non-stop. Enjoy


Getting a big hit of early Beck with Playing Me Back from Bülow. Just can’t get enough of this little quirky gem.

Genre: Indie Pop

Playing Me Back is best listened to dancing alone in your house in your undies.

Geneviève Racette

The soothing voice of Geneviève Racette delivers Hostage in anticipating of her album launch at Cafe Campus on March 21st, 2022.

Genre: Singer/Songwriter

Hostage is best listened to as we gather up the ransom to let ourselves break free of the chains we let bind us.

Real McKenzies

Tis the perfect time for a greatest hits album released today. Listen to a classic: Chip.

Genre: Celtic Punk

Chip is best listened while sailing the high seas, or driving to the pub. Better yet…sailing your ship towards the pub.

Arcade Fire

A return to the sound/vibe that put them on the shortlist of coolest bands in the world, Arcade Fire released The Lightning I & II. Recorded in El Paso at the peak of COVID.

Genre: Indie Rock

The Lightning II is best listened to when you need a boost of energy and ran out of coffee.


Compliance has a big retro vibe, but still Muse worthy and instantly recognizable.

Genre: Prog Rock

Compliance is best listened to when fighting the status quo.


A little soulful release by Kitt with (I Would Be) Grateful. If anything, grateful I found this little chill number.

Genre: Soul

(I Would Be) Grateful is best listened to while chillin’ and doing your gratitude journal.

King Princess

King Princess released For My Friends, an a song about her two best friends from high school.

Genre: Indie Pop

For My Friends is best listened to while looking at your high school yearbooks…and cringing at your picture.

Chris Grey

Collateral Damage (Feat. Benny Mayne) was just dropped by Chris Grey.

Genre: R&B

Collateral Damage is best listened to before hitting the club.

Annabel Gutherz

Retrograde is the latest release from Montreal’s Annabel Gutherz. A fresh voice merging pop and psychedelia.

Genre: Pop-Rock

Retrograde is best listened to when you need a boost of positive energy.

Elle King

Yee-haw, Elle King gives us a raspy country attitude with Out Yonder.

Genre: Alternative Country

Out Yonder is best listened to as you do donuts in your pickup truck in the Walmart parking lot.

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