New Music Friday March 11, 2022

Photo by Stephanie Montani

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Photo by Stephanie Montani


Sacred Hearts is the latest release by Ellevator, which injects a big hit of 90s &00s. The song would easily fit in the John Hughes film of your choice.

Genre: Indie Pop/Rock

Sacred Hearts is best listened to when rockin’ acid washed jeans and a Summer of ’69 t-shirt.


If you want to start the party, which you will not remember come Monday, check out Soubois by Ann@lise.

Genre: Pop

Soubois is best listened to while doing shots.

Emma Beko

Emma Beko has been making waves with her solo work, and Plaster 🙂 is her latest offering.

Genre: Hip Hop

Plaster 🙂 is best listened to when an old wound needs a new soothing balm.


The band whose amps are always on 11, Alexisonfire delights with Sweet Dreams of Otherness. The Yin-Yan of Dallas Green and George Pettit continue to amaze.

Genre: Post-Hardcore/Screamo

Sweet Dreams of Otherness is best listened to when you ran out of Red Bull and need a jolt of adrenaline.


CONJURER continue their journey as one of the UK’s most exciting young metal bands with the incredible new single “It Dwells”.

Genre:  Metal 

Best listened to while beating the crap out your demons.

Alanis Morissette

Alanis unlocks some nostalgia with a raw and emotional song Olive Branch. Alanis will be performing all of Jagged Little Pill on July 12th, at the Bell Centre with Garbage supporting.

Genre: Alternative Pop/Rock

Best listened to while pouring out your soul in an apology letter.

Florence + The Machine

Having seen Florence at Osheaga and the Bell Center, there is no denying she is mesmerizing. My Love adds a more dance oriented beat to a voice that could stand on its own.

Genre: Pop

My Love is best listened to when goosebumps are required on demand.

The Black Keys

If you ever wondered what really went down in the teacher’s lounge, Wild Child fill you in on the hilarious antics of bored teachers. NFT also available.

Genre: Alternative Indie

Wild Child is best listened to when trying to survive another boring day on the job.

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