New Music Friday June 24, 2022

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Great songs this week, many about mental health, so this new music might make you feel better!


Sally Shaar shared (wow…say that 10 times…and add “by the seashore”) a deeply personal message on her Instagram page about this song. Read the post, then listen to the video below.

Genre: Ass-Kicking Pop

StuckintheMiddle is best listened to when you’ve had just about enough, and you need to the power to keep going another day.


Willow released a song about trying to blame others when a relationship ends.

Genre: Alt Rock

maybe it’s my fault is best listened to immediately after heartbreak.

Chloe Florence

Chloe sings about female empowerment and being comfortable with who you are, without the clothes of other’s people’s perceptions.

Genre: Pop

Naked is best listened to on the mix-tape you labelled: Let’s get it on!


renforshort speaks of anxiety, mental health and recovery in this chill i miss myself that builds in intensity, as the feelings inside us sometimes do.

Genre: Pop

i miss myself is best listened to when trying to push away the darkness to find the real you.


We all go through many phases in live, and Mikalyn, with the help of Chris Grey shares her latest phase of being single…with a single.

Genre: Pop

Phases is best listened to when you find yourself alone, and need to accept this new phase in your life.

Monster Truck

Based on a fictional story of betrayal and freedom, Monster Truck releases another banger.

Genre: Rock with Attitude

Get My Things and Go is best listened to when you need to practice your air guitar

Ozzy Osbourne (feat Jeff Beck)

What do you get when you mix a graphic novel king (Todd McFarlane) and the Godfather of Metal? Watch and see.

Genre: Bourne to Rock

Patient Number is best listened to loud, when you need to drown out the voices in your head.


Spiritbox released an unexpected EP with Rotoscope as a single.

Genre: Metal

Rotoscope is best listened to when you feel a desire to scream.

The Interrupters

Another song about mental health, and feeling like a prisoner in your own mind.

Genre: Punk

Jailbird is best listened to when planning the jailbreak from your own mind.

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