New Music Friday February 18, 2022

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This week’s selection brings us some unbridled dance from Sheenah Ko, dark cinematography from Allan Rayman, good old fashion pop punk with Simple Plan, gratitude to be alive from Sierra Pilot, soothing Basement Revolver, classic Stars, Ed Sheeran vs Bring Me The Horizon, dreamy Beach House, funky DRAMA, roadhouse Syd Carter West and romantic Tyler Shaw.

Sheenah Ko

A new album with an upbeat tempo and feel, Sheenah Ko gives us a glimpse of what is to come with Wake Up. Prepare to release that bottled up energy brought on by 2 years of Pandemic numbness. Trust me…this one will get you dancing like nobody is watching.

Genre: Synth-Pop

Best listened to as you burst into a spontaneous interpretive dance while at work.

Allan Rayman

The enigmatic Allan Rayman released Bye Bye Blondie with a cinematic video of tragic proportions.

Genre: Alternative Indie

Best listened to while clinging to life in a taxi cab.

Simple Plan feat. Derrick Whibley

Simple Plan reminds us how they can create catchy punk songs with the help of Derrick Whibley (Sum 41) with Ruin My Life.

Genre: Pop Punk

Best listened to while destroying your ex’s crib.

Sierra Pilot

Sierra Pilot wants us to live life to the fullest, and reminds us how to do so with Alive.

Genre: Alternative Rock

Best listened to off a cassette trying to burry the roar of a muscle car engine.

Basement Revolver

The hits just keep coming with Basement Revolver’s mix of soft vocals and hard sounds on Dissolve.

GENRE: Indie Alternative

Best listened to as you cuddle up with your soul mate.


Stars unleash their signature sound with Pretenders off their new album to come out May 27th, 2022.

Genre: Indie Alternative

Best listened to while trying to use that fake ID to get into the club.

Ed Sheeran feat. Bring Me The Horizon

Curiosity got the best of me, so I was curious as to what would happen when you sprinkled Ginger onto Bring Me The Horizon. It works, with a perfect finish.

Genre: MetalPOP

Best listened when trying to get sober.

Beach House

Bringing some synthpop vibes, Beach House released another song from their new album. Hurts to Love.

Genre: Dream Pop Indie

Best listened to while mending a broken heart.

Syd Carter West

Venom Hurts, so why cry about it? Syd Carter West sings about her pain, but won’t complain about it.

Genre: Americana/Country/Roadhouse Blues

Best listened to while trying to “suck it up prince/princess”.


Drama released a funky little number Hit My Line.

Genre: R&B Dance

Best listened to instead of dialling that bootie call.

Tyler Shaw

In a month where many people are commercially forced to think about love, Tyler Shaw gives a song that will kickstart a romantic evening with your better half.

Genre: POP

Best listened to when trying to learn half the alphabet in a romantic way.

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